How to Improve the Performance of a Vivo Mobile with Funtouch OS

Live terminals are gradually penetrating the market. The firm landed in Europe at the end of last year with a firm commitment. The available portfolio covers several price ranges so they are available for all budgets. However, they all share the Funtouch OS layer, which has interesting tools.

Improve the Performance of a Vivo Mobile with Funtouch OS

One of them will allow you to keep the terminal up to date and is similar to the one we have seen on our site, but in other brands such as Realme, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Motorola and many others. In the case of vivo mobiles, the tool is called iManager and it comes installed as standard, to check that everything is going well on our device.

The iManager tool

In order to access this tool, we will have to slide our finger up to see all the applications . Now we will see iManager in the list of those available. By clicking on it, we will have to accept the corresponding permissions and at the moment we will see a menu, which, as we say, is familiar to what is seen in other manufacturers. In this menu we will see five different options with which to manage and control the most important aspects that include in the performance of our mobile such as memory or running applications.

One-touch optimization : allows you to optimize device performance by closing applications and speeding up the system. You can also perform automatic application updates or resolve security problems.

Freeing up space: as its name suggests, it is a powerful tool to remove unusable files, clear the cache or remove applications that are no longer used. This feature may not be useful during the first few bars of using the device, but it certainly will be later.

iManager en vivo

Security detection: we are dealing with a powerful antivirus tool, with the AVAST signature engine, which allows us to examine all the files on our mobile phone in search of viruses and malware. It is the best option when we suspect that something is wrong.

Data monitor: in this section we can control the use of data from our mobile, that is, the applications that generate the most network traffic, with a precise graph of each of them.

Apps and notifications: this option itself, what it does is direct access to the options of the applications and their notifications. Inside we can see the recently opened apps, the screen time of the day, or manage which default applications will open the links.