The Best Curved Gaming Monitors with a Large Screen

You may have in mind to change the equipment you have to fully enjoy the games you have, and one of the options that exist is to change the monitor you have in the room. We show you options that are the most interesting among curved monitors that have a large screen.

This type of device offers a positive user experience when it comes to playing, since in a very comfortable way you do not miss any detail of what it offers on the screen (even in the most external parts of it). The fact is that right now it is possible to get a good number of models that are ideal to be considered as gaming, and that therefore allow the use of computers and consoles so that you can enjoy titles such as Fortnite or the Halo saga to the fullest. .

 Best Curved Gaming Monitors

What should these curved monitors have

To fully enjoy the content we are talking about, the ideal is that the model you buy has a screen of 27 inches or more . In this way, the breadth with which you see everything that happens in the games is more than enough to be adequate and, therefore, the user experience is the best possible. The resolution, by the way, should at least be 1080p (Full HD) , since otherwise the details will not be as good as they should and this will be noticed yes or yes.

One of the characteristics that are very important to review in curved monitors to play is the response time it offers. This measures the time it takes to change an image that is seen on the screen for another, and if it is excessively slow, the sensation of seeing something that should not be on the screen is present … and it is negative. Therefore, it is essential that the model you choose has five milliseconds or less . Besides, the refreshment must be of 60 Hz or more , so that the visual experience is the most complete possible.

Conexiones monitores curvos

Other options that are important to know of the accessory that is purchased is that it offers the possibility of connecting the source through the use of HDMI , since it is the most standard that exists and is the optimal time. Besides, it does not hurt that it is offered in the use of technologies such as FreeSync (which stabilizes what is seen on the screen) and that the viewing angle is 178 degrees or more , since this way it is sure that it does not Image quality is lost when looking at the extremes of curvature on the integrated screen.

Purchase options that we recommend

Here is a list of models that comply with everything that we have indicated and that have a price that allows them to be a good purchase option , and therefore these curved monitors become ideal possibilities for game lovers.

Samsung LC32G53TQWUXEN

This is a model that has a 32-inch screen, and it has a resolution of 1440p. Therefore, the image quality that this device allows is excellent, and as it is accompanied by a response of only one millisecond, it is one of the options that has to be considered very seriously.

Monitor Samsung LC32G53TQWUXEN

Lenovo G32qc-10

It is one of the options that fits like a glove to enjoy the games to the fullest, since it has all the necessary seasonings for it. The screen is 31.5 inches and has such interesting details as having a frequency of 144 Hz or that its screen is anti-reflective.

Monitor Lenovo G32qc-10


What is most striking about this device is that it hardly has any side frames, so it has a very attractive appearance. It has FlickerFree technology, so its stability is excellent when displaying images. Its resolution is Full HD and it does not lack an HDMI connection.

monitor AOC C32G1

LG 35WN73A-B

If what you want is to get one of the largest curved gaming monitors out there and that has an affordable price, this is the one you should take into account. With no less than 35 inches and with 1080p resolution, it has as one of its striking details that its aspect ratio is 21: 9, ideal for gaming.

Monitor LG 35WN73A-B

Philips 271E1SCA / 00

It is one of the models that comply with the dimensions of its screen, since it has an IPS type with 27 inches. It also behaves well in the four millisecond response, and it is one of the models that includes speakers so its usefulness is quite wide. Aesthetically it is an attractive device.

Monitor Philips 271E1SCA/00

Xiaomi Mi Monitor

Nothing less than 34 inches is what this model offers, which as a whole is one that should be valued, since it offers a very good quality / price ratio. It has two HDMI ports and a frequency of 144 Hz, which ensures good operation while respecting its 1440p resolution. Allows management of its height.

Monitor Xiaomi Mi Monitor

Dell S2721HGF

A pleasant surprise is this model that has a 27-inch panel with Full GD resolution, so it meets what it takes to be a good response among curved gaming monitors. It is compatible with AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies, combined with a response of one millisecond.

Monitor Dell S2721HGF

Lenovo G27c-10

A good purchase option is this device that has a combination of features that allow it to be a good solution for both gaming and watching movies and series. It has no problems in the frequency it uses or in the response, and its HDMI connectivity is adequate.

Monitor Lenovo G27c-10

Samsung C27R500

Correct accessory that has possibilities that are striking, such as its excellent curvature that reaches 1800R. It is fulfilled in connectivity and a contrast of 3,000: 1, so the quality of what is seen on the screen is of excellent definition, since we are talking about a Full HD model.

Monitor Samsung C27R500

LG 34GL750-B

Another of the models that has a large screen, no less than 34 inches and that has an IPS panel with Full HD resolution. It does not fail in any of the sections that are important to enjoy games, and highlights that it has two HDMI ports.

Monitor LG 34GL750-B


Full HD resolution; 27-inch IPS screen; HDMI… everything you need in curved monitors that can be used to enjoy games. It includes speakers, which is always positive and the frequency reaches 144 Hz and the response reaches the one millisecond mark. A good device.

Monitor AOC C27G2U/BK