EMUI 10.1: Tips for Updating Huawei and Honor Mobiles

When an operating system update is announced or some users report that they are already receiving it, it is logical that the rest want to receive all the news of the new version as soon as possible. This is what happens with EMUI and Huawei mobiles. The next big update, EMUI 10.1, is about to land and we must make sure that our mobile is ready to receive it.

It is very common to hear that an EMUI update has begun to reach certain countries or mobile models . If our country and mobile is on this list, we will have to make sure that we are ready to receive this update. This is what we have to do if we want to make sure that EMUI 10.1 reaches our mobile as soon as possible.


Tuning for EMUI 10.1

Mobile phones that will receive EMUI 10.1

This is the first thing we will have to check. The official list of mobiles that will receive EMUI 10.1 has already been published by Huawei. In addition, terminals of the subsidiary brand Honor are included. This does not mean that it is a completely closed list, since Huawei can gradually increase it. Even the opposite has happened on many occasions, that is, a mobile initially planned to be updated, has had to be canceled due to problems when implementing the new version.

huawei emui 10.1 moviles y fechas

Preparing the mobile

On many occasions, a user is left waiting for the update to skip without success . This can happen because we have automatic updates disabled. To make sure and activate them, we go to Settings / System / System Updates. Now we click on the options gear in the EMUI version and we will see two options.

emui actualizaciones automaticas

The first one must be checked, as it will ensure that the system will update automatically as soon as the update is available. The second is conveniently disabled, since if we are in a hurry to update, there is no point in waiting at night for the update to occur.

Free up space

OS updates typically require much more space than standard patches. Recall that the move from EMUI 9.1 to EMUI 10 involved around 5 GB on certain models. However, as it is a new version of the same operating system, this amount may be reduced considerably. However, we must prepare the mobile. A good option is to use the Huawei cleaner, found in the manager as an extension on the desktop. It will take care of freeing up space.

huawei gestor

Initial problems

It is another aspect to consider. Many users allow a margin between the update has landed and are encouraged to install it. This is because the initial problems of a new arrival update are very common. Huawei itself warned of the problems that can occur when updating to EMUI 10 arriving from EMUI 9.1

Arm yourself with patience

These types of updates are sent in batches. This means that it will reach some countries first than others. Even within a country there may be two models of the same mobile in which one has received the update and the other has not. In this case we must arm ourselves with patience, although we can always force the update manually with HiCare to try to make it appear as available.