Huawei: How to Back up to Save Data

Our Huawei mobile stores a multitude of personal data, including our most beloved memories. The options to make a backup in a simple way are within the reach of anyone, so the regrets when any problem occurs and we do not have a backup, are no longer an excuse. We will review how to save all our data on Huawei mobiles.

The backup allows us to save all our data, including contacts, photos, videos, documents and even stored passwords. For years, Huawei has allowed its EMUI devices to easily back up. For this, Huawei offers several options so that the user does not have to seek the support of third-party applications.

huawei backup

Copy to mobile

The first thing we have to do is go to the Settings / Backup and restore menu . Once inside we will have to click on the option “Data Backup”. Once inside we will have to continue, accepting the permissions that we request so that the application can have access to our files.

huawei copia de seguridad

Choose where to export

The next step is to choose between a backup that will be made in an external storage of our mobile, or through HiSuite, which will be done by connecting the mobile to our computer. When selecting “External storage” we will see that we have several options to store the backup. The most common is to use a memory card, although we will have options for USB devices or through a shared folder.

Huawei copia de seguridad

Data to save

Before starting, we can check an option so that the backup is done automatically once a week. On the next screen we must select the data that we want to be saved. The tool marks some that by default it considers essential, such as personal photos or videos. Then we will only have to click on backup and wait for the process to finish, which may be more or less long depending on the amount of data stored.

Huawei copia de seguridad 01

Restore copy

In order to access this backup we have to go to Settings / System / Backup and restoration / External storage. Then we select the location of the restoration and select the data to restore.

HiSuite copy

The second way that Huawei offers us is to perform the backup using HiSuite. It is a method that requires the entry into play of our PC, but it is the method preferred by many users. Copying will be done very easily.

Install the program

The first step is to install the HiSuite application on our PC. Then we connect the terminal to our computer using the USB cable . Then we unlock the phone to guarantee access. Now we select the option “Transfer Photos” or “Transfer Files” on our mobile to continue. We click accept and thus we will allow the connection between the mobile and the PC.

huawei copia de seguridad y movil

Data to save

The next step is to open HiSuite once it is installed while we are connected to the PC and click on “Backup” to start the process. As in the copy with the mobile, we will have to select specific backup elements or simply check “select all”. Then we tap on “Backup” to back up all content. We will have to establish a password and click on continue to finish.

Restore copy

Likewise, to access our backup, we will have to open “Settings” by clicking on the icon at the top. Then we click on “Backup” to see the directory of the backup. Now we will have to open HiSuite while the phone is connected to the PC . Then we tap on “Restore” to start the process.

In the same way, we will have to select the elements that we want to restore and then simply tap on Restore. The last step is to enter the password that was created for the backup and click OK. Once the process is finished, the phone data will be on our mobile again.