Realme Buds Air: True Wireless headphones that you will like

Taking advantage of the launch of Realme X2 Pro, the company’s CEO, Madhav Sheth, announced the arrival on December 17 of its new Buds Air . True Wireless wireless headphones that physically will not surprise you, but by characteristics and price it is very likely.

Buds Air, Realme True Wireless headphones

Buds Air True Wireless

The last time we will say it, all manufacturers want to have their own AirPods and it is not for less. Right now it is a good business, it gives more recognition to the brand and even serves as a Trojan horse so that they end up betting on their other proposals. Therefore, Realme take out its own True Wireless headphones does not surprise us but it does.

The future True Wireless headphones from Realme, of which we already know enough data although they will be officially presented on December 17, have a design very similar to Apple’s AirPods. Leaving aside the controversy that can wake up being so similar, the interesting thing is that they are the most comfortable type of headset for many users. Because those who are in-ear type with silicone capsules usually fall from the ears of some, so you better go to the safe.

In addition, they do not generate the same feeling of emptiness due to the passive cancellation offered by having a silicone that adapts to the ear and prevents normal sound entry. But well, let’s talk about what these Realme Buds Air will offer.

Physically they are like Apple’s, but they will arrive with three colors. There will be a white model, another black and a last one in a rather striking yellow but with its own appeal too. And of course you will also have a case that will act as a box to store and load them. Here is a positive point for Realme, the case offers wireless charging as well as charging through its included USB C connector.

The Buds Air are connected via Bluetooth and are compatible with version 5.0. Here we will have to see what the final implementation is like and what kind of experience it offers in the actual use, but according to the brand as soon as it is opened, it will be connected to the device. So good point for Realme in this regard.

And finally, they will also have support for touch controls . So you can invoke the Google assistant with just one touch, control music playback and even calls.

Price and availability date of Realme Buds Air

The new Realme Buds Air are presented on December 17 . Regarding the price, according to Flipkart they will cost 4,999 rupees, which in exchange would be about 65 or 70 euros or so. What remains to be known is when they will be available in markets other than India. So, we will have to wait a few more days to know those last details and some possible surprise that they may have prepared.

What is evident is that it is worth being attentive, because if you wanted True Wireless headphones with an experience similar to the AirPods on Android, these could be a good option. Although there are already some other model that looks like it.