Eliminate Distractions on YouTube: A Guide to Using YouTube Simplified

When it comes to watching videos, YouTube is without doubt the most used website, which provides an enormous choice of videos varying from several minutes to live streams. It also contains a lot of unwanted features related to recommended videos, advertisements, and comments. For all the users who would prefer not having ads pop up during the video, or who simply want to have a clean and minimalist YouTube page, there is a simple solution – the YouTube Simplified extension.


The issue some people have with Youtube today stems from its eventually outdated and notably flawed interface.

For instance, general layout of YouTube with all the options and recommendations that appears at the bottom of the screen partially hinders the main content. While recommended videos, advertisements or comments are shown next to the video or below it, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the video that one has chosen to watch. Although, YouTube has the extended play and full screen features, these are still not free from distractions.

Introducing YouTube Simplified

In principle, YouTube Simplified is more than a simple tip for the search of the ‘high-quality’ videos as it is a browser add-on that removes all the distractions from the YouTube. com interface, leaving only the video. This extension is a handy tool especially for the people who don’t want anything to interfere with their view.

Main Characteristics of YouTube Described

Clean Interface: Hides all videos that are related, any ads along with the comments sections leaving you with a clear and simple view to watch.

Dark Background: Improves watch experience by adding a black-colored background which shifts focus on the video.

Easy Activation: Easy to install and very convenient when it comes to activation or deactivation with just a click.

Resource Efficient: In this section, they incorporated some features that would not necessarily slow down your browser.

A Step by Step Guide for installing and using YouTube

Installing YouTube Simplified is straightforward:

Install the Extension: Type in chrome. com/webstore and after that download the YouTube Simplified extension.

Activate the Extension: After it is installed, whenever you access YouTube the extension will work to tidy the interface.

Toggle as Needed: If you want to return to normal YouTube interface single click on the toggle button available on the right corner of your browser page. If you want to return back to this version simply click on the button and it will click back to the simplified version.

Advantages of Using YouTube for the purpose.

Enhanced Focus: This is as a result of the fact that if you want to watch your intended content without interruption, you will eliminate all those vices that have a high probability of diverting your attention.

Improved Aesthetic: Having a centeralized and black background makes the video more interesting to watch and thus is highly recommendable.

Simple and Non-Invasive: The extension doesn’t change a basic operation of YouTube or consume a lot of resources thereby incurring additional cost.

User Experience

All in all, being relatively new, YouTube Simplified has been proved to be dependable and effective. According to users, the interference is absent, and ad watching is much more comfortable and less disruptive to the video content. It is a frequent practice amongst add-ons to be updated constantly to cover compatibility and efficiency issues.


For those of you who get frustrated with all the side activities on YouTube and want a clear and uncomplicated viewing, there is YouTube Simplified. It is quite easy to install as well as to use and, in general, it adds great value to using YouTube by minimizing useless features. You can even start enjoying YouTube Simplified today, and discover the advantages of watching a video.