iPhone 17 “Slim”: Apple’s Bold Return to Ultra-Thin Designs

The firm is said to be going back to the thin body obsession that was for some time left to the background after the exit of Jony Ive. The iPhone 12 is the one that began a trend of making devices thicker and packing more features and bigger batteries. But recent leaks indicate that Apple is working on an extreme thin iPhone that should be out in markets in 2025.


iPhone 17 “Slim”: New Performing – The New Definition of Elegance and Power

New user data leaked to The Information reveals that the iPhone 17 “Slim,” is expected to be much thinner compared to the existing iPhone 15 by 2025. Still, this model must provide even more power and functionality than the future iPhone 17 Pro Max, becoming the thinnest and, at the same time, the most technological iPhone.

Main Overhaul and Additional Options

iPhone 17 “Slim” will present the new complete graphic transformation to become the primary significant redesign since the iPhone X: shift of the rear cameras toward the upper center and a highly reduced size of the Dynamic Island. Also, the front camera is expected to have high-quality and exceptional quality and performance.

The exact price has not yet been revealed; however, this product comes with higher price expectation. Given thatiPhone 15 Pro Max costs $1,199 as its base price the iPhone 17 “Slim” may start from $1,299 or higher, given the latter is considered a premium device.

Streamlined Product Lineup

The iPhone 17 “Slim” is rumored to replace the iPhone 17 Plus, leading to a streamlined lineup:The iPhone 17 “Slim” is rumored to replace the iPhone 17 Plus, leading to a streamlined lineup:

iPhone 17

iPhone 17 Pro

iPhone 17 Pro Max

iPhone 17 “Slim”

This step would be change in Apple’s strategy of putting large screen sizes on he premium models. Hence, the new slim design will be that of the handset bearing 6. 1 to 6. a 7-inch screen and an aluminum frame, while the top end casing hides the mighty A19 Bionic chip without any performance cut.

Speculations and Market Strategy

This rumored change fits into Apple’s new strategy of making superior technology affordable to everyone just like what happened with the 12. 9-inch iPad Air. If true, it means they have shifted gears on iTunes design to concentrate on the high-end, premium offering.

As with all rumors, these are still unconfirmed but such rumors are from usually reliable insiders such as Ross Young and The Information. However, like all gossips are, one should always take the news with a grain of salt until an official word comes out.