How Cyberduck Makes Managing Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts Easy and Secure

Now it is impossible to imagine that a person does not use cloud storage, and the number of accounts in services such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon can only confuse the user. Most of these services provide restrictive free storage space: 5 GB to 15 GB per account; therefore, if one wants to optimize the storage space, they have to create multiple accounts. Now this is where Cyberduck steps in to help to make working with multiple cloud storage accounts at once much easier.

multiple cloud accounts

Why Cyberduck Stands Out

Cyberduck is a free and an open-source application that can be used on windows and Mac and which features can help a user manage multiple cloud storage accounts. It supports so many protocols and cloud storage such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and the list is endless.

Key Features of Cyberduck:

Multi-Cloud Management: Log in to one account on one application then instantly switch to another account with the same application for business continuity.

Wide Protocol Support: FTP, SFTP, SMB and WebDAV and other are supported providing the capacity to operate different sorts of servers and storage systems.

Favorites Section: Get multiple cloud accounts and save them in a single place, with the option of not having to enter account details all over again.

Cryptomator Integration: Secure your device because the file you wish to upload in the cloud shall be encrypted and can only be decrypted with the decryption key.

Overview on Multi-Cloud Management Using Cyberduck

Streamlined Access and Management

In addition, it saves the spaces of such data as passwords and login in the “Favorite’ tab, which allow the user to switch between various cloud accounts at the investment. It is especially helpful for the users who have the access to more than one Google or OneDrive accounts and who can work with all the materials without being constantly required to enter the account in question.

Security with Cryptomator

Cryptomator helps to encrypt files on your computer locally before uploading them to the cloud and Cyberduck works with Cryptomator. This ensures that even with probably having privileged access to the cloud storage, the person cannot decrypt the messages without the proper key. This feature is very useful in increasing the level of data security and privacy of the sensitive data.

Getting Started with Cyberduck

Cyberduck which is an FTP client can be downloaded for free at the website of the application. Here’s how to get started:

Download and Install: Download Windows or macOS installer corresponding to your operating system, and run the installation wizard.

Add Cloud Accounts: Launch Cyberduck and navigate to the Favorite tab then, enter your credentials for the cloud storage accounts you wish to use.

Use Cryptomator: To increase security of your data, turn on Cryptomator on Cyberduck and your files will be encrypted before they will be uploaded to the cloud.

Supporting Cyberduck Development

Cyberduck is an open source application but users can the pay a small fee if they want to support the developers. $10 will make the registration reminder button not appear within the app. Moreover, Cyberduck can be bought for the definite price in Microsoft Store and the App Store, which also contributes to developers.


Exploring Cyberduck, one can come across a rather efficient and convenient tool for working with numerous Cloud Storage accounts. Thanks to the support of various protocols and the ability to integrate with Cryptomator for data encryption, it can be noted that this tool is very helpful for those who need to organize storage in the cloud effectively. Whether one has escaped to different personal accounts or handling various cloud services in office, Cyberduck makes it easier, all our data is secure and is well organized.

Cyberduck is indeed a valuable application that every modern person must have; download it, and you will become the master of your cloud storage.