Edge Workspaces: Activate and Test Before Anyone Else

Since 2020, developers of major web browsers are looking for the next revolution in tabbed browsing. After experiments, such as groups of tabs, vertical tabs or the double tab bar, it seems that Microsoft has now considered finding a new way to navigate in a more orderly and organized way, inspired by the groups of tabs in Chrome. And so the new workspaces are born.

What are Workspaces

Workspaces are a new Edge feature that is still very experimental, so users, including Canary users, cannot use it by default. This function is, broadly speaking, an evolution of the groups of tabs in other browsers, such as Chrome. The difference is that, instead of just coloring the tabs based on the group they belong to, workspaces work in a similar way as if each group of tabs were a new window.

Edge Workspaces

We can open all the tabs we want, and assign each one a workspace . And when we choose one of these spaces we will only see the tabs that are inside it instead of the others. Thanks to this we can have a much more orderly and organized navigation.

Espacios de trabajo en MS Edge

As we say, this feature is still in development, in such an experimental phase that it is not even available to users of the Canary version of Edge. However, if we want to test it, a little trick has been available for a few hours that will allow us to get an idea of how it works. Of course, assuming that at any time it can fail.

Activate and test Edge workspaces

The first thing we must do is download the latest version of Edge Canary , since it is the only one in which, for now, this feature is available. We can download it for free from the following link . In addition, it will be installed in parallel to other versions of the browser, so that we can have the stable version at the same time, to use daily, and the Canary to experiment with the news.

Once we have this version installed, the next step will be to locate the shortcut. And for convenience, we will create a copy of this shortcut. Once we have the direct access at hand, we open its properties with the right button and, in the ” Destination ” section, after the quotation marks we will add the following:


Being that way:

Edge - Activar espacios de trabajo

We apply and accept the changes and that’s it. Now, when we open the browser from this shortcut we can see how the new workspaces are activated. We can find them in the new icon that appears in the upper left part of the window.

To deactivate this function, all we have to do is delete the parameter that we have added in the shortcut so that the browser starts up again with its default values. Or, directly, delete the shortcut that we have created. We can even have two different shortcuts, one with Edge workspaces enabled, and the other with them disabled.

Microsoft still has a lot of work ahead of it. Therefore, for now we do not know how long it will take to see this novelty in the stable version.