Edge Canary Allows You to Hide the Title Bar When Using Vertical Tabs

If Edge , the new Microsoft browser, bets for something, it is for customization. While Chrome has a more stopped development (in terms of news), Microsoft’s browser every little bit receives new changes in its appearance, among other functions, with which it seeks to differentiate itself from others. One of its best features is the vertical tabs, a function that allows us to move the tab bar to the left to see all the open tabs there instead of at the top. This allows us to take better advantage of the space of the panoramic screens. And, now, this new option allows us to go further.

When we move the tabs to the vertical column, there is a residual element in the browser that, the truth is that it does not fit too well: the title bar. This bar is where tabs used to be placed, and when placed vertically, it is used as a normal title bar. But it is rare.

Edge Canary Allows You to Hide the Title

In addition, having that unnecessary bar at the top all it does is occupy vertical space, space that could be used to show more content from the webs. Fortunately, these are not the hobbies of a few users, and it seems that Microsoft agrees. Therefore, it will allow us to hide it if we want.

How to hide the Edge title bar

The first thing we will have to do to be able to hide this bar is to place the tabs vertically in the browser. And, although we probably already know how to do it, the simplest and fastest thing is to click on the button that appears to the left of the browser tabs and choose the option ” Activate vertical tabs “.

Now, inside ” edge: // settings / appearance ” we can find an option called ” Hide titlebar while in vertical tabs “. This option is the one that will allow us to show or hide this bar according to the appearance we want the browser to have.

Edge - Ocultar barra título 4

We can also do it more quickly from the context menu of this title bar. Just click with the right mouse button on it and choose the corresponding option to deactivate it.

Edge - Ocultar barra título 2

As we can see, now the only thing that appears at the top of the window is the search engine bar of the browser itself. We do not have anything else above, since the tabs will be vertical, on the left side. And, therefore, we will be able to take much better advantage of the space of the panoramic screens. In case you want to deactivate it and show the title bar again, we just have to click with the right button of the mouse on the address bar of the browser and activate this option again.

Edge - Ocultar barra título 3

And we can also do it by right clicking on the vertical bar of tabs, where we will find the same option that we have just seen. If we change from vertical tabs to classic tabs, the bar will reappear in the vertical part, since this is where these tabs will be placed.

How to enable this new option

This new function is still in the experimental phase. This means that, for now, it is not ready for all users to use as it can cause problems. But if we want to, we can. The only thing we will need is to have the latest version of Edge Canary installed, and activate the following flag in the browser.

Edge - Ocultar barra título 1

After restarting Edge, we can now find the options that we have taught in the previous steps and get an idea of what the browser would be like without this title bar. Best? Worse? Be that as it may, we will soon have it all in the stable version of Edge.