Best Apps If You Like Riding a Motorcycle

Feeling the emotion of the wind brushing, contemplating the landscapes, in the case of the city avoiding a little the heaviness of the traffic or being easy when parking are undoubtedly some of the benefits of riding a motorcycle.

For greater comfort in transfers, suggesting routes, security alerts or to offer valuable information on weather conditions, different apps have been created.

Best Apps If You Like Riding a Motorcycle

Top apps for bikers

WAZE. Navigation app

It is a recognized application that offers navigation information, which could be compared to Google Maps, with the advantage that it is a community interacting in real time. You will have up-to-the-minute information on traffic, accidents, delays on the road or any other mishap, thanks to its large number of users.

SYGIC. App to navigate without data

With this application you will have the ease of information provided by a GPS without depending on the mobile data connection. It is an innovative application that contains information from different map providers, with basic instructions from a GPS device such as the best indications of the routes to follow.

GAS BIKER. Security alert app

In this case, it is an application designed with the safety of bikers in mind. It offers as one of its most notorious functions the emergency call that, in the event of an accident, issues an automatic notification to the application’s central to previously selected contacts or other members of a travel group.

RAIN ALARM. Weather app

It is a very practical app created to warn when the rain is approaching. With the application you can create alerts in certain places and you will always have the updated information on the weather forecast and that a rain does not take you by surprise.

PARKME. Parking app

One of the advantages of riding a motorcycle is the ease of parking. However, it is not always possible to find available space. At such times, this application is useful as it helps to find the closest parking places, with updated rates and the opinion of other users. In addition to the apps already mentioned, it should be noted that most insurance companies have apps to assist their clients.

And not just apps, almost all insurers allow online procedures such as calculating the price before hiring ( here an example of a motorcycle insurance calculator).

In short, the apps for bikers are designed in order to offer information of interest, related to various topics, making the motorcycle trip more pleasant.