Edge 91: Synchronization and Vertical Tabs on Linux

Neither Internet Explorer nor Microsoft Edge have ever been on Linux. These web browsers, developed by Microsoft, have always been exclusive to their operating system, in addition to being totally proprietary and using their own engine. However, times change, and for some years now we are seeing how the company likes to have Linux very close. In addition to being able to install Linux within Windows, many of Microsoft’s programs are now available for this OS as well. And, one of the last to reach it was the new Chromium-based Edge.

One of the best decisions Microsoft has ever made is to clean the slate with its browsers. Internet Explorer was almost gone, and the original Edge was a very bad option to connect to the network. Thus, last year, Microsoft finally decided to do away with these two browsers (which are already disappearing from the system) to focus all its efforts on the new Edge , a Chromium-based browser.

Edge 91

Among the main features of this browser we can highlight, for example, that it will not be exclusive to the Microsoft system, but that we can use it both on Windows and macOS, as well as on mobile devices. However, if we have closely followed the development of the Linux version, we will have realized that it has always been incomplete, well behind the normal desktop version.

Luckily, things seem to be changing. And the new Edge 91 (Canary / Dev) brings long-awaited functions and features to Linux.

Synchronization, vertical tabs, and more in Edge 91 for Linux

The synchronization functions of the browsers allow us to make a cloud copy of our data (histories, bookmarks, passwords, etc.) so that we can always have them at hand in other browsers. Edge uses the Microsoft cloud to provide us with this functionality, being able to always have a copy of our data in the cloud to restore it wherever we want.

Windows and macOS versions already supported this feature. However, the browser for Linux did not allow to log in with the Microsoft account and, therefore, it was not possible to synchronize our data with it.

Starting with the new Edge 91 (currently in Dev phase), Linux users can now log in with the Microsoft Account , and therefore, will be able to synchronize their data with the browser, just like in other operating systems. Of course, at the moment it is in the experimental phase, so we will have to enable it manually from “edge: // flags”, looking for the entry “MSA”.

Edge 91 Linux Sync

Another important novelty that, finally, reaches the Linux version of the browser are the vertical tabs . This new way of managing tabs takes time available to Windows users, and now Linux users will be able to enjoy them. As in Windows, we will see a button to the left of the tabs that will allow us to alternate between vertical and horizontal.

Edge 91 Linux pestañas verticales

The ability for Edge to adjust its theme according to the theme used in Linux has also been added.

All these functions (especially the synchronization) are very experimental and can have problems. Even Microsoft recommends using them only as a test and, if we have problems, disabling them from the flags.

Install Edge Dev on Ubuntu and the like

At the moment, we do not have a Canary or Beta version of Edge for Linux, only the Dev version. We can download it for free from the following link , packaged as DEB or as RPM , depending on the system we use.

Once the browser is downloaded, we can install it with the software manager that we want.