Download the Best PowerPoint Templates to Save Time in Your Projects

The multimedia presentations that we have been doing for a long time, have served us when we were studying, and now for more professional environments. And these are elements that we use regularly in certain environments thanks to the versatility they propose. One of the most common applications for this type of tasks is PowerPoint, the application that is integrated into Microsoft Office .

In addition to this, we have other similar proposals, both in the form of programs that we install, and online platforms. It is also worth knowing that we can find both paid and free proposals. As perhaps most of you already know, the most popular of all and that we just mentioned, PowerPoint , is included in the commercial suite, Office.

But of course, because it has been among us for many years, since it has been developed by a company with the potential of Microsoft , it is a very interesting alternative. Let’s not forget that PowerPoint puts at our disposal a huge number of functions so that we can take advantage of them at any time. In this way we can work with elements as advanced as videos, hyperlinks, photographs , tables, graphics , backgrounds, etc.

PowerPoint, a powerful tool for designing presentations

All this, to a greater or lesser extent, if we wish, may be part of the multimedia presentations we design. Whether for a personal, educational, or more professional use, the truth is that here we have a wide range of possibilities. But of course, PowerPoint offers us the necessary functions for all this, then we have to put the work.powerpoint-templates

And it is that carrying out a good multimedia presentation will take time, everything will depend on the complexity we want to give the project. But if what we want is to be able to have high quality presentations, but that do not take us too long, we will talk about an interesting alternative. And that is the case, in order to save both time and effort, we can always use PowerPoint templates. As many of you will know, these are pre-designed elements of all kinds of themes that we can use for personalization.

If recently we explain how to download and use PowerPoint templates to design original presentations, now we will show you how to get the most suitable for your work. The truth is that on the Internet we can find many samples of this type, in addition to most of them for free. As we told you, these are usually in PPTX format , the native of PowerPoint itself. This will allow us to integrate these PowerPoint templates and use them without problems in the program.

Where to get the best PowerPoint templates

That is why we are going to show you some of the best websites where you can find these contents that we are talking about. As we indicated, these will allow us to save a good amount of time and efforts thanks to the work of third parties.

Office Templates

To start we will talk about the official Office site for all this, a website that you can access from this link . Here we will find a good amount of PowerPoint templates to download and use. In the case that we look for a specific theme, on the left side we find a section called Browse by category where we will see some of the most representative. Thus, we can opt for Agendas, Photo Albums, Calendars , Ads, etc.

Office templates Microsoft


This is another interesting online website that you can access from here and that proposes a good amount of these contents . The templates we download here refer to categories such as resumes , diagrams, business cards, graphics, maps, etc. These are located at the top of the main interface when accessing the site we are commenting on.

Showseet powerpoint


In order to expand the possibilities presented by PowerPoint, we can also use SlidesCarnival . This is a website that you access from this link that offers a series of categories to locate your templates more quickly. We find them related to the professional market, for more specific dates such as Christmas , other more simple, elegant, etc.

SlidesCarnival powerpoint

Free PowerPoint Templates

In this case we talk about another proposal of this type that you can access from here and also presents templates for PowerPoint. The striking thing here is that the main interface found a good amount of somewhat less common categories than we saw in other cases. In this way, we can directly access templates related to military, religion, medical, travel , food, abstract themes, etc.

Free PowerPoint Templates plantillas

Smile Templates

And we will end this section with Smile Templates , a website that you can access from this link and download its contents. It is worth mentioning that this proposal offers us templates for both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides . At the same time, we should know that in this case, the vast majority of the exhibited samples focus on the professional market and business, although their diversity is very large.

Smile Templates powerpoint

Plantillas PowerPoint Online

On the other hand, if what we want is to use third-party PowerPoint templates, we can also opt for this other website that we access from this link . In this way, here we can move between the range of templates for PowerPoint that is made available to us, and choose the one that interests us most. This is simplified thanks to the previews that we find.

Plantillas PowerPoint Online

Plantillas PowerPoint

As the name implies, the website to which we refer in this particular case, also focuses on offering elements of this type and which we access from here . At the same time it presents a series of categories to make the localization process faster and easier. Thus, we can directly access topics such as medicine , religion, or engineering, among others.

Plantillas PowerPoint

Thanks to this wide range of possibilities that we have exposed here, you will have the possibility to use the presentation program in the best way. Also, keep in mind that many of these PowerPoint templates were designed by professionals so that we can customize them. In this way we will obtain much more apparent and striking projects for the public to whom we will expose them later.