Customize the Google Chrome new tab with these excellent extensions

When we talk about Google Chrome , we are currently referring to the most used Internet browser worldwide. Part of its success is due to all the possibilities it presents to us thanks to the functions it proposes.

This versatility is increasingly common in today’s Internet browsers, as they are programs that we use more and more. In fact, either from our PC or from the mobile , the browser is running much of the time. As you know, these are programs that allow us to access the Internet, so they must be safe, agile, as well as

However, despite the constant updates that its developers send, users always want to go a little further. It is true that these applications are full of functions and customizable options , but we can increase the native ones. This is something that, in these specific programs, we achieve through the popular extensions. These are small additions that are integrated into the program itself and that allow us to add new functions to it.

However, we should not abuse them, for several reasons. The main one is that most consume system resources, so abusing them can slow down the PC. At the same time we must obtain them from safe and reliable sources, since they can also be malicious and steal personal data. Therefore in these same lines we are going to talk about a series of extensions that will be very useful in Google Chrome . We tell you this because they focus on allowing us to customize the interface of the new tab that we constantly open in the browser.

Chrome extensions to customize tabs

And it is that the customization of the applications and platforms that we use today, is increasingly common. This is something we carry out in a multitude of current programs, among which Windows 10 could not be missing.

Infinite Dashboard – New Tab like no other

For example, this is the case of the Chrome extension called Infinite New Tab , an element that replaces the browser’s default homepage. This makes it a personal panel that we will access on a continuous basis and where we can establish wallpapers, our own calendar , add reminders and tasks , etc.

Price: Free Install

Infinity New Tab Pro

Another case similar to the one we just showed you is the Infinity Tab Pro extension for Google Chrome . It also replaces the new original program tab to display other items such as our saved bookmarks. At the same time from this we can customize the icons of these, add new funds, change the search engine in that tab, read our Gmail , or manage the history.

It will also show the websites we visit most frequently, learn about the climate of the area, or manage our pending tasks and personal notes.

Speed Dial

This extension is a bit different from the two mentioned above, since this is what allows us to customize the new tab and can add and manage our bookmarks on the page that appears. That way, instead of finding the usual interface, here we will see our bookmarks directly on the New tab page. It is clear that in this way we will have much more direct access to the sites we visit the most

At the same time we can select predefined background themes or set a custom image.

Developer: uepselon
Price: Free Install

iChrome-Ultimate Personal Dashboard Homepage

In the case that we want to customize this section to the maximum, this is another excellent solution. We tell you this because iChrome includes about 50 own widgets that we can use in the New tab page. At the same time we will have new funds to use and implement.

To say that among the available widgets we find them referring to the weather, news, sports, social networks, email, etc.

iChrome-Ultimate Personal Dashboard Homepage

Price: Free Install

New tab page by

This is a proposal that has been a good number of years between us and has won the trust of many thousands of users. With this Chrome extension we will get a personal homepage through a custom control panel . In this way we will have at our disposal direct access to all our bookmarks, news channels, web applications, a calendar, email , etc.

All of this is something that we will personalize over time as we add new content to this personalized New Tab page.

Price: Free Install

Start – A Better New Tab

This is another similar alternative to customize the new tabs that we open in Chrome. It presents a series of wallpapers that we can use here, in addition to the real-time weather forecast, among many other widgets. We can also use our own Google calendar, task list, notifications and Facebook messages or add our favorite news channels.

start chrome

Developer: New Tab
Price: Free Install

Home – New Tab Page

This is another alternative for the homepage of the new tabs that we can customize with our own wallpapers, quick notes, weather service , etc. At the same time we will have direct access to certain notifications that will be shown here in real time. It should be mentioned that they can correspond to services and platforms such as Gmail, Google calendar or Yahoo mail.

Home chrome

Price: Free Install

Awesome New Tab Page

And we will end with another proposal of this type called Awesome New Tab Page . This is an extension that provides us with certain elements to customize the New Tab page. Among these we can highlight the incorporation of dynamic widgets, small customizable sections, shortcuts to our favorite websites , etc.

Price: Free