Download Faster with qBitTorrent by Adjusting Simultaneous Connections

The Internet connections we have in these moments, have improved many years to this part. Also not only on desktops, since this is something that is equally extensible to mobile devices. This can be very helpful when using the download program such as uTorrent or qBitTorrent, among others.

These are programs that serve as P2P clients and that in full 2019 are used in a multitude of environments and modes of use. Although this software is often related to piracy of copyrighted content, this is not its sole purpose. In fact, there are many large companies that use P2P networks to send and share large-scale projects of their own. Serve as an example that many of the Linux distributions are downloaded with these clients that we are talking about, through torrent files.

Torrent clients can use the entire Internet bandwidth

But of course, we must bear in mind that these programs and the corresponding P2P networks were designed so that we can share large amounts of information. Hence, the Internet connection we have, is a very relevant factor in this case. There are several proposals of this type that we can use right now, some more popular than others.

In this case we will focus on the use and operation of one of the best known in the sector, we refer to qBitTorrent , a program that you can download from here . We tell you all this because, if we do not correctly configure the downloads in qBitTorrent , these programs can cover all the bandwidth we have available. Thus, no matter how good a connection we have, P2P customers can “own” everything.

opciones qbittorrent

For example, as we will see below, it is important that we adjust the number of simultaneous connections that this program can make as well as possible. That way, depending on the priority we give to downloads from here, we can change this parameter in a few seconds.

Customize qBitTorrent to use a certain number of connections

Moreover, in order to fully adjust this section of which we are talking about, qBitTorrent allows us to specify both the number of total connections, and for each download. Therefore, the first thing we must do to achieve our goal is to open the latest version of this torrent client . Then we go to the Tools / Options menu to access the program configuration window.

Here we find, in the left panel, a good amount of customizable functions , although the one we are interested in now is Connections. Therefore we click on it so that we can take a look at the functions that appear in the right panel. Thus, here we will see the two options referred to above regarding the number of simultaneous connections.

Conexiones qbittorrent

As we see, by default these values are set with 500 total connections, or a maximum of 100 per torrent loaded. Thus, in order to optimize the operation of the program depending on what we need, we can reduce that number of downloads. Simply enter the corresponding necessary value that will indicate the simultaneous connections that we want qBitTorrent to use at a specific time.