How to Download Calibre eBooks to Hard Drive or USB

calibreE-books or ebooks are gradually gaining popularity worldwide, although at a slower pace than initially expected. The regulars of these usually use specific applications such as Calibre or similar ones and thus manage their personal libraries.

What a few years ago for many was an accumulation of paper books on the shelves of his house, now it is reduced to a few files on the PC . But of course, like conventional copies, these files also need an order and concert. For this, instead of shelves or simply boxes, we use applications that we install on the computer, as is the case of the aforementioned Calibre and that you can download from here . And it is necessary to bear in mind that in many occasions we do not speak of some tens of electronic books , but of thousands of titles.

Manage your ebook library from the Calibre program

In fact, with this program, we are referring to the most used and extended solution of this type at this time and for some time. In this way, its developers have not stopped improving and growing this software through its constant updates. Therefore we will have the opportunity to create and manage a personal library of ebooks thanks to the functions presented here.

Calibre Guardar en disco

There are many features that over time have come to this software that we mentioned and that we have been talking about. Well, now we are going to show you how to download the titles stored in that personal library , to your hard drive or USB stick , for example.

As you can imagine, this will allow us to save or transport these digital contents as we want, for example to share them with others. It is possible that someone has lent us your Calibre library , so after importing it, we need to download certain titles.

Download the eBooks you want from your library to the hard drive or USB memory

Well, how could it be otherwise, the program we mentioned, Calibre, also allows us to download these digital books locally. Therefore, in these same lines we will show you the way to do it in a few steps. Thus, the first thing will be to open the program as such so that all electronic books that make up our library appear on the screen.

Calibre descargar libros

Once we see them, we can place ourselves on any of them and click on the date to the right of the Save to disk button. Then we will see a drop-down list of options with which we can store those contents in local mode. So, as we see, we will have the possibility to choose Save to disk. This will download all the books we have marked, in a certain folder previously chosen.

But that’s not all, but we also have the possibility to store those books only in MOBI format, store everything in the same directory , or use only one format. This allows us to manage the contents of the library directly from the Explorer , or create a new one with the titles that we want to add.