How to Download Applications on Apple Watch

If you just bought an Apple Watch recently, you are probably getting used to watchOS and everything around it. If there is something that characterizes a smart watch like this in front of analogs, it is because of the possibility of having apps on it. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how you can download and install apps on the Apple Watch.


Download apps on Apple Watch via iPhone

Although the Apple Watch has its own operating system and is able to operate independently on many occasions, the truth is that it is a device closely linked to the iPhone. So much so that we can’t even configure it if we have another mobile device other than the apple. That is why one of the ways we have to install apps on the Apple Watch is through it.

In the iOS App Store you will see that there are applications in which compatibility with other devices such as Apple Watch is identified. Therefore, if you download one of those apps you will have the possibility of also having a version on the watch. This does not mean that the rest do not have any functionality on the watch, since there are some as popular as WhatsApp that do not have their own app in watchOS and yet they allow you to see notifications on it.

instalar apps apple watch iphone

So, the moment you find the desired app for the Apple Watch, you just have to download it as one more application. Of course, to appear on the watch you must have set it in the iPhone Watch app. You can do this from General> Automatic installation. This way all those apps that are installed on your iPhone and have compatibility with the Apple Watch will be installed automatically.

no duplicar apps apple watch iphone

If you want an iPhone app not to appear on the Apple Watch you will have to go back to the Watch app, click on the specific app and uncheck the “Show on Apple Watch” option . Once this is done, this clock app will be uninstalled, although it can be reinstalled by activating this option again.

Download apps from the watchOS App Store

From watchOS 6 , the App Store for Apple Watch was added. It is not that there are exclusive apps here that are not in the iOS App Store, but it is true that it may be more convenient to download from the clock itself. The interface is quite limited compared to that of other systems, but it is also understandable considering the screen size of this device.

app store watchos apple watch

Once you enter the Apple Watch App Store you will find a series of suggestions , either for your use of the watch or for being popular apps at that time. Generally, health-related ones are usually highlighted, an aspect in which Apple is increasingly focusing its efforts to improve its clock. You can also search for apps, either through voice dictation or handwriting. Once you have the app you want to install it will be as simple as pressing the “Get” button and the download and installation will begin.

Unlike the previous download method, in this case the apps do not duplicate on the iPhone , so you will also have considerable space savings on the iPhone. Then you can delete the Apple Watch apps at the moment when you no longer use them or think they do not give you anything.