How to download and install new spheres on the Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi activity wristbands offer us many ways to make them unique and that is because their customization leads us to enjoy a simple option through the Mi Fit app with customizing the style. It offers us the option of downloading many spheres to choose from, giving a new look to our wrist, which we can also replace as many times as we want.

The wearable of the Chinese brand has in its catalog several different spheres that can be applied from the settings of the Mi Band screen, but we also add many other “wallpapers” created especially for the device with the dimensions of the panel. Bracelet. In order to install them, you must first check if your Mi Fit app has been correctly updated to the latest version from the application store.

In order to check if you have the latest version of the updated bracelet, bring the Xiaomi Mi Band to your mobile when you have Mi Fit turned on in order for the application and the bracelet to be synchronized to be able to install the spheres that we leave you a few lines below. You will see that both devices show the update message for a few seconds until they are ready for use.

download and install new spheres on the Xiaomi Mi Band

Customize the screen of the bracelet

Hand in hand with the touch and color AMOLED screen that we find in so many generations of the most popular since the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, we will be able to know at all times the data we need, since each sphere will offer us what we want to see. In this way, the panel of the bracelet will stop being always the same, sharing style with so many people who never modify it.

The collection of wallpapers of the Xiaomi Mi Band keeps updating, putting more and more options on the tray to download and install the spheres on the bracelet in a matter of seconds. A process that, as we are going to show you, is very simple and has no loss whatsoever. Once we have the Mi Fit app updated, we open it and keep our bracelet close to it.

Next we will have to do what we explain and show you:

mi band 5 tienda

We touch “Your profile” at the bottom which will take you to a window in which we have to select our already synchronized Mi Band model, whether it is the popular Mi Band 5 or others. Within it we will not find what we need, the option to modify the sphere of our bracelet. Inside the store section we will see all our creative and choice possibilities. Among them there are options with a digital or analog clock, others with a step and pulse counter, as well as everything we want.

To continue loading more spheres, you just have to slide further down and being connected to the internet, new and new options will continue to be displayed. To get one of them we just have to touch on it and choose it to synchronize it with the clock. In a matter of seconds it will be applied to our release and we can enjoy it on screen. Also from this same section we can choose the administrator option to modify some areas that have this advantage to give it an even more unique touch.

Download and install more spheres

If everything that Xiaomi offers us from the official app does not seem enough, there are ways to continue getting more spheres for the big screen of the Mi Band 6. To do this, we just have to follow a few steps that are not complicated at all and that will give infinite possibilities like the internet, since we will be able to put on our bracelet any sphere that we find on the net.

To achieve this we are going to resort to the well-known Notify & Fitness for Mi Band application that adds some extra functions to the Xiaomi bracelet and among them the advantage of being able to install spheres that are beyond the possibilities of the Mi Fit app. An application that we recommend downloading once Mi Fit is uninstalled from the terminal if we do not want errors to be generated between the two or the notifications to be repeated.

Unfortunately, only those who have an Android smartphone will be able to benefit from this extra that cannot be used on iPhone. An app that will not make us lose our progress, since if in any case we want to use Mi Fit again, we will only have to install it without deleting this app and everything will be synchronized quickly without doing anything to achieve it. This is very common among those who only want to install an external sphere of the internet, but are happy with the results of Mi Fit.

Once our bracelet has been connected to the new application that we have recommended, we have to surf the net between the websites that offer spheres to find a new one for our Mi Band in particular. We recommend looking for the model Mi Band 4, Mi Band 5, Mi Band 6 or derivatives to find the spheres that match in size and shape with the bracelet in question, thus avoiding synchronization failures. But in order not to give too many laps, we can go to the web that offers more spheres for Xiaomi bracelets .

mi Smart Band 6

Once we have chosen the one we want, from our own mobile we are going to download the watchface in the button where it says “download”. We can look at the details of each of the spheres, where it puts the language in which it is available and that will give us the advantage of seeing the day of the week or the month in Spanish, but that will not affect the rest of the sections of the system that we care about.

When we have it stored in the phone memory, we have to return to the app that we have downloaded to touch the settings section. Among its options we find “Watchfaces” and the window where they put “Personalized watch face” will be displayed. It is identified as .bin since it is the format of the files of the spheres of the Mi Band and many other watches. Now we only have to load it from our mobile downloads and proceed to install it on the bracelet.