Take better photos with Huawei Professional Mode on mobile

huawei-professional-modeThere is no use powerful camera hardware, consisting of multiple sensors and several tens of megapixels, if we do not have a solvent software capable of processing the captures to offer a good result. In addition, many of today’s mobiles such as Huawei , have a Professional Mode to leave in the hands of the user all the tools necessary to get the best photo.

Until not so many years ago, Professional Mode was something reserved for reflex cameras, and the possibility of a mobile phone playing with parameters such as ISO or White Balance was not appreciated. This has been a reality for a long time and Huawei phones are gradually improving this Professional Mode.

Today we are going to give you some tips to be able to take the first steps in this mode , which although it requires more time to aim and shoot in Automatic Mode, the results will be very rewarding as we take practice.

How to use Professional Mode

The first thing we have to do is open the camera application and tap on “Professional” at that time we will access the settings and the camera interface will become different and with more options. At this time we can choose the Measurement Mode, depending on the type of photo we are going to take.

Measurement mode

  • Matrix : recommended for wide landscapes
  • Center : when the subject is at the center of the scene and stands out from the background
  • Point : when we want to highlight an objective in the image and this is relatively small

modo pro medicion huawei

Modifying the ISO

Another of the parameters that we will see in this Professional Mode is the ISO, which will play with the amount of light that enters the camera’s sensor.

If the photo we are going to take is in broad daylight, it is recommended that the ISO be between 100 and 200. If the photo will be taken in low light conditions, we must use a value above the 400 mark. No However, they are not exact values, since they depend on each scene.

EV settings

In Pro mode, exposure can also be compensated using the EV function. For this we touch on the screen and use the slider to increase or decrease the brightness. The camera will automatically determine the ambient light and let us know if the exposure is too high or too low.

modo pro movil

Shooting speed

The shutter shutter speed can also be modified in Professional Mode. In static scenes, the recommended speed is between 1/80 and 1/125, while we must increase this value if we want to capture moving objects.

Similarly, the AF or autofocus allows both a completely manual setting, and the ability to select between AF-S for static scenes or AF-C for moving scenes.

White balance

In this Professional Mode we will find other settings to control the white balance. Here we can select from several default settings depending on the ambient light conditions such as a sunny day, cloudy or low light.

It also allows us to manually adjust the color temperature by modifying the Kelvin degrees. A higher “K” value will achieve warmer results, while a lower K tends to offer cooler tones.

huawei ajuste pro

Horizontal Level

Manual adjustments also help us get perfectly level photos. We will just have to tap on Settings and select “Horizontal Level”. When active, two horizontal lines will appear inside the viewfinder. When the dotted line overlaps the fixed line, the camera is aligned horizontally.

Save photos in RAW

The possibility of saving photographs in RAW format could not be missed. This will allow us to have an editable format at a professional level, since the photo saves all the original data. To activate this save mode we must go to Camera Settings and select RAW Format in the Resolution.