Download 4K Vintage Motorcycle Theme for Windows 10

Windows 10 is a very powerful, stable and secure operating system for desktops that meets the expectations of the majority. It has its failures yes, and sometimes it is very criticized, but the truth is that it offers a great service to hundreds of millions of users.

Also, keep in mind that it does not stop growing little by little, thanks to the updates that Microsoft sends. In fact, we are currently in a week in which the firm has started sending one of the important ones. We are referring to the arrival a few days ago of the November 2019 Update, the second update of this year's features.

You cannot say that it has been one of the most important of recent times, but there it is to improve Windows 10 a bit more and to continue on its way. But this is not the only thing that Redmond usually put in our hands, but they help us in other ways. In addition to the usual cumulative updates and security patches, they also offer us means to customize the appearance of the operating system.

In this case we refer to the issues that the company makes available to all its users for free in the Windows 10 Store. Well, if yesterday we offered you a theme for car lovers , today it is the turn of motorcycles with Vintage Motorcycles PREMIUM.

Download this 4K motorcycle wallpapers for Windows 10

That is why if you like motorcycles and want to decorate the wallpaper of your Windows 10 with funds from them, you should take a look at this theme. Specifically, we are referring to a theme proposed by Redmond's own firm, which consists of a total of 15 images in 4K quality so that we can download them right now. Once we have done with Vintage Motorcycles PREMIUM and it is implemented in the operating system, we will only have to activate it.

It is necessary to know that we can configure it so that the 4K backgrounds that compose it are changed every so often that we specify. Thus, for all this, we will have to do it from the Windows 10 Configuration. After downloading the theme from this link we make use of the “Win ​​+ I” key combination and click on the “Customize / Themes” option. Here we already find the new one that we just installed, so we will not have to select it to be activated.

Once loaded, in this same screen we will only have to click on the same content and specify the time span. In this way, what we achieve is that the 4K images that are part of it are automatically changed. So, we will have a new desk from time to time, in addition to a series of high-quality images and adapted to our tastes and preferences. Because Microsoft launches elements of this type from time to time, we will inform you of the developments in this same direction.