How to Translate Texts Directly from Microsoft Word to Save Time

There are many applications and independent platforms that we use in these moments for daily work with the PC. Let's talk about Word, Photoshop, VLC or Google Chrome, depending on the use, we will have to load one program or another. This is something that can sometimes become a somewhat annoying task, especially if we talk about many programs.

This is something that over the years, software developers have been learning and trying to improve. Because while only a few years ago we were just using a couple of applications or three simultaneously, that number has multiplied. Depending on the way of work or the type of use we are making of the equipment, we can find more than a dozen running.

TranslateFor all these reasons, those responsible for these programs and platforms try to improve their functionality as they launch new versions. One of the solutions that is consolidating the same in recent times, is to combine many functions in a single interface. Furthermore, these functionalities may not always be related to the primary objective of the software. At the same time, many of these platforms from the same manufacturer work in a synchronized way, although their type of use is very different.

This is something that is especially evident in the solutions presented to us by giants such as Microsoft or Google that have hundreds of millions of users. This is the case that we are going to talk about in these lines, we refer more specifically to Microsoft Word. This is a program widely spread across the globe to edit and generate texts. However, it is full of additional functions and can work together with its “brothers” PowerPoint and Excel, for example.

Translate texts directly from Microsoft Word

In fact, in these lines we are going to talk about a function that is sure to be very helpful. We refer to the possibility of being able to translate our own texts directly from Word. This will save us having to use external services or platforms such as Google Translator. Therefore, we will show you how to carry out this in the fastest way.

In the beginning we will say that there are two ways to do this, so we use the one that is most comfortable or quick for us. At the same time, it should be clear that this is something we can use for several languages, which increases its usefulness. Therefore, to benefit from all this, the first thing we do to translate a text from Word, select the part of the text to be treated.

Translate in Word
Translate in Word

The first of the ways to take advantage of this function is to place ourselves in the “Review / Translate” menu option. Of course, in the case that it is the first time we do it, the program will notify us that the text will be sent via the Internet in a secure way. After that, in the right part of the window we will be able to choose the language to which we want to do the translation so that, by accepting it, a window will open in the browser with the translation already done.

Of course, to speed up the process a bit more, we can also access the option to translate from the context menu that appears when marking a specific text.