Customize Your Lock Screen to the Fullest with Keypad Lock

Those who have an Android device usually look for ways to give it a new look so that the monotony does not come when using the smartphone or tablet. One of the possibilities is to change the terminal lock screen with applications such as Keypad Lock .

This development has several things that make it attractive if the objective is the one mentioned above. For example. You can start from setting a custom PIN to proceed to unlocking and even include different images that can be used. Simplicity is one of the keynotes of Keypad Lock.

With regard to compatibility, there is very good news since in Keypad Lock input range terminals it works perfectly and, in addition, the minimum operating system is Android 4.0, which is currently fulfilled without the slightest problem.

keypad lock screenIn the operation with different devices it is good, we have not detected any stability failure and the application hardly eats resources, so you will notice a decrease in speed with the games or when surfing the Internet. Besides, it integrates with the operating system, so its operation must be said that it is really good.

Of course, in some cases - especially with devices that have a fork above Android - there are some options that do not work well at all, such as the one that has to do with sound and vibration.

Something that we believe is really important in Keypad Lock is that the security does not descend anything regarding the use of the lock screen that by default will be used in the terminals.

Moreover, it is possible to establish a specific PIN that is different from that used in phones or tablets, which is a good detail since this way it can be managed independently. No problems with fingerprint readers that are integrated into the screen, by the way.

Other options offered by the Keypad Lock application

One of the most interesting is that you could choose a custom image to be the one seen on the lock screen. The development itself includes many that are not bad, and that offer a very high resolution, but what is very positive is the access that is allowed to the Gallery of the Android terminal that you have.

Therefore, it is even possible to use the photos that are saved. Additionally, it is possible to set the animation that is executed when performing the unlocking gesture (drag sideways) and, in addition, with many options available.

Nor does it lack the possibility of setting a delay time for the screen to become idle, which may be useful for some users. With a number of adjustments that are sufficient and where it is possible to configure the type and intensity of the vibration that is noticed when the phone or tablet where Keypad Lock is used is available.

How to get the Keypad Lock application

One of the great virtues that this development has is that it has no cost to download it from the Galaxy Store and Play Store , so trying it is free of charge, which is always interesting. Simple to use and with many options, the truth is that it is worth giving it a try since surely you ended up pleasantly surprised.