Best Horror Games on Android in the Year of 2019

We like the fear. We love to stay alert and in suspense, although not everyone equally or to the same extent. But horror games succeed just like scary movies do. And on this occasion, we have selected the best ones that you can download on your Android mobile device to spend a few hours of fear and, of course, stay hooked on your mobile or tablet with a plot full of suspense.

There are video games that focus the fear of tension, while others do it with creatures that look very unpleasant. There are many formulas to make a horror game happen in a video game. But in any case, to fully enjoy the best we can do is play alone and in the dark, and put on headphones because in this way the soundtrack, and all the atmosphere, will make the experience more immersive. With virtual reality glasses, in the case of some video games, we will have a better time.Horror Games

Horror Forest 2 - Hordes of zombies

The ’undead' always succeed in the genre. Horror Forest 2 is a survival in which we have to face hordes of zombies with our weapons. More and more are coming, and they are more powerful, how many rounds will you be able to survive?

Slendrina - SlenderMan's Widow

If you like scary games, yes or yes you have to meet SlenderMan. And this lady is his widow. In this videogame you will have to investigate to find books, but in your objective Slendrina is going to interpose, who will constantly be looking for you to give you the occasional scare.

Nightmares - The Official Game

Maybe the movie Goosebumps sounds to you. This is the official video game for mobile devices, and in it we have to find a hiding place so that Slappy, the Gnomes and other monsters do not end your life. A really interesting game that, in addition, can also be enjoyed in virtual reality if we have a Google Cardboard at hand.

The Fear - Your partner has lost the North

Imagine that your partner, with whom you have a daughter, loses his head to the point where you have to break your relationship and enter it into an insane asylum. It is possible that from there you lose contact and end up finding another person that makes you happy as a couple. This is what happens in the game, and things are not going to go as well as you expect.

Mental Hospital - An abandoned hospital

An abandoned hospital can be quite scary if we visit it at night; but, if it is also a psychiatric hospital, the thing starts to get serious. And much more if there are surveillance cameras and someone hides behind them. This video game will make you have a few bad times, but you'll enjoy it if you like the genre.

Five Nights at Freddy's - Animated Robots

You are a security guard and your goal are to watch the animated robots that serve as animation in the pizzeria where you work. The problem is that, at night, these robots take on a life of their own and make their own.

Sinister Edge - Find your family

This can be played in virtual reality too, if we want a more immersive experience and that the scares are even more powerful. Play as you play, you will enjoy excellent graphics that stand out within the category; You appear in a house and you have to be able to find your family solving all kinds of puzzles along the way.

Horror Nights Story - Cover yourself with your enemies

Dynamite is your greatest ally to face each barrier and continue your escape from a mine. But not only do you need dynamite, but also courage and strategy to stay away from the terrifying creatures that hide there. All this, evidently, with the poor lighting that the typical helmet lantern that a miner would carry in reality can give you.

The Last Door

Although somewhat old, it has been awarded many times and there are reasons for this. Pixelated design is one of the reasons for the various awards received by this video game that will place us in England at the end of the 19th century. The first thing we will find is that our friend has committed suicide, and we are the ones who have to explore a house in search of the corresponding explanations.

All that remains

You wake up in a bunker and you don't know how you ended up there, only that bunker was built by your father. The only clue that the game gives you, as soon as you start, is that the one who said that ’he is just the crazy people' has killed absolutely the entire population. To find answers, who is going to help you is your sister. A game in which fear is key, yes, but also suspense throughout its several hours of play.