How to Fix Keyboard Problems on Xiaomi Phones

One of the essential sections of our Xiaomi phones is the keyboard, without it we will not be able to do many of the tasks we do on a daily basis and when this fails we are faced with a truly serious problem. So that you can rewrite without problems we show you the most common mistakes and even how you can solve the most complicated ones.

These problems are often common and it does not matter if we talk about Xiaomi or Redmi phones , because they affect all the manufacturer’s phones that use MIUI as their personalization layer in the same way. A long time ago we knew about the keyboard problems of Huawei mobiles that seem to have been replicated in the most direct competition.


Keyboard problems may be transient

Before trying to end problems with more complex methods, we recommend the first thing we should check and possibly end up solving. First of all we must make sure that the system is updated and for this we have to go to Settings> Phone information> Check for updates and install it if we have any pending.

xiaomi mi 9t

We must do the same with the applications, entering Google Play and checking your installed applications if, above all, the Google keyboard is updated to the latest version. With only these checks we can end keyboard problems in Xiaomi and Redmi phones, although if it has not been used to solve it, we will tell you about other methods that can take effect.

Xiaomi keyboard is slow or laggy

One of the main complaints from users is that the keyboard of their Xiaomi mobile is slow or suffers from delay, the dreaded lag that is also present in our mobiles. To solve it we totally depend on Gboard , the well-known Google keyboard that comes by default on all Xiaomi- branded phones. What we must do in this case is to display the keyboard in any application and touch the three points that we indicate, then touch the settings and the following preferences options.

In this menu we must apply two changes, the first is to deactivate the key extension , which causes the response delay in many mobiles and then in the delay option when holding down, raise the level so that the keyboard is not confused as often with the consequent lag.

problemas teclado xiaomi

Several Xiaomi problems with the gesture system activated have seen how this problem was one of its main reasons to look for a solution like the one we have just shown you.

Change the keyboard on your Xiaomi mobile

When nothing we’ve seen before takes effect, we are left with only one sentence: changing the default keyboard. To do this we will first have to download an alternative, where we recommend SwiftKey . After downloading it from the Google app store and installing it, we will proceed to set it as our default keyboard.

cambiar teclado xiaomi

To change it, end up with the keyboard problems in Xiaomi caused by Gboard, we have to enter Settings, then we go to the Additional Settings and then the keyboard in language and text input. We will find the virtual keyboard option, where we will select manage keyboards and later we will click on SwiftKey and deactivate Gboard.

The problem could be in the software

If nothing we’ve tried so far and even changing the default keyboard works, we’ll have to think of an alternative to save our photos and content before it’s too late. The first thing we must do is store our multimedia content in an alternative place that we do not want to lose. Then we will proceed to do a hard reset of our Xiaomi mobile and leave it as the first day.

  • We turn off the phone and then press and hold the volume up button and the power button at the same time.
  • We release when we see the Xiaomi logo.
  • With the volume keys we go to Clean data / Wipe Data and accept with the power button.
  • We do the same to choose Restart and then Reboot System Now.
  • Wait for the mobile to erase all the data and turn on like new.