Double ransomware attack: how to protect yourself

Hackers, when it comes to sneaking viruses and malware, one of their goals is to make a profit. That’s what happens with ransomware, for example. We are used to seeing threats of this type that encrypt files and systems and then demand a ransom in return. But things are changing and now we come across the double extortion ransomware. We will explain how it works and what to do to avoid it.

Double attack ransomware

Double ransomware attack

This is known as double attack or double extortion ransomware. Basically it means that the attackers will have another additional way to extort money from the victim. One more problem that is added to the existing one and with which we could have to pay a ransom.

The first and main attack is to encrypt the . The victim will not be able to open text documents, access folders, etc. But they add a second attack that consists of threatening to make that information public. Let’s think about private documents of a company that fear that they may come to light and be seen by the competition.

That’s exactly what cybercriminals trade with. They ask for a financial ransom that goes beyond simply releasing the files so that they can be made available again, but rather they threaten to make all that content public . It is an extra opportunity for attackers to get money.

But why has this double extortion increased lately? One reason is that businesses and home users have more and more resources to protect themselves. For example, create automatic backups and recovery plans so as not to lose the files that have been encrypted. So, in order to get money, what they do is extort money by publishing that data.

This problem is not new, since it first appeared with the Maze ransomware a few years ago, but it is definitely on the rise and has grown quite a bit in recent months. This tells us that we may be facing a trend that will continue over the next few years.


Tips to avoid these attacks

So what can we do to prevent attacks with the evolution of ransomware? The first thing is to always have the equipment correctly updated . Having the latest version of Windows or any program will avoid many problems. Sometimes vulnerabilities appear and that is precisely what attackers use to break in.

It is also essential to have good security programs . In this way we will be able to detect malicious files and attacks that they can launch against our system. Some options like Windows Defender or Avast work very well in Windows, although you don’t have to trust everything to these programs.

But if there is something really important, it is common sense . Avoiding making mistakes, such as downloading malicious files by mistake or opening a link that has come to us through social networks or email, can be the entry point for cybercriminals. If we do not make these types of mistakes, we will have a lot to gain in order to be protected against double extortion ransomware.