It sounds crazy, but there are already iPhone 15 and 16 leaks

It is true that time flies and the advances of technological companies are going at cruising speed. However, it is still curious that only a few months after the launch of the iPhone 13 and 9 months after the iPhone 14, we already have rumors about the iPhone 15 or the iPhone 16 . Yes, as you read it. Apple‘s smartphones for a year or two are already on the lips of some leakers at the expense of one of its most outstanding features.

Reliability of such early rumors

there are already iPhone 15 and 16 leaks

Before discussing the rumor itself, we’d like to give some context to the situation. As expected in a company of such caliber, Apple does not develop and design its products in the short term. The company has a roadmap with a much broader horizon and probably today it even has the iPhone of 2030 defined or at least has some goals set for it.

Now, does this mean that the iPhone 15 or iPhone 16 is already closed? Absolutely. In fact, at this point the iPhone 14 would be experiencing its final stage of development in the absence of tests and the subsequent sending of information to suppliers and factories to begin its manufacture and assembly. However, there are already teams dedicated to planning the iPhone 15 and yes, the leaks that occur may be completely true, but being more than a year and a half away, everything may end up being truncated if the development does not occur as Apple looks forward to today.

Face ID under screen is the big leak

Of the iPhone 14 it is known that, at least the ‘Pro’, will say goodbye to the notch in favor of a hole in the screen or a tablet-type format. Or maybe even both, as rumored in recent hours. However, by 2023 or 2024 , Apple’s plans could be revolving around the complete elimination of elements on the screen to integrate its facial recognition under the screen.

In its day, the integration of the fingerprint sensor on the screen was a feat, given the complexity it involved. In fact, Apple never implemented it precisely in favor of Face ID. However, they do want to go ahead now by integrating these sensors under the panel. And it seems very complicated considering how many manufacturers are implementing cameras in this format.

ejemplo camara bajo pantalla

And it is that, if we look at devices that have the camera under the screen, it can be seen that the quality and color of the panel decreases in that part without completely hiding the lens. Hiding the camera more could mean that it will not be able to offer good results later. Thus put, it is the whiting that bites its tail and Apple’s challenge of not only integrating a possible camera, but also the 3D sensors of Face ID, seems less demanding.

It should be noted that this information has been given by Ross Young, who in response to another iPhone 14 leak has hinted that Apple is already working on this feature for 2023 or 2024. It should be noted that Young is not exactly a person who plays make hypotheses and that, despite the fact that he has also had his forecasts wrong, he is remembered for his successes. In the most recent, he stood out for having fully succeeded in telling some of the characteristics of the iPhone 13 months before its presentation.

ross young filtracion face id