Not again: who calls me from 662997080?

It is clear that there are few things as annoying as that a specific number that we do not know at all calls us several times a day, a week or for months. Unfortunately, there are more and more of these types of phones that do not let us rest in the afternoons or even at night. In addition to that, there are many who come to try to scam us. Something quite similar happens with the 662997080 phone .

We already know who is behind , in most cases, this phone number that has not left many users alone for a long time. In any case, to find out who is not calling from a specific number, it would be better to go to web pages like ListaSpam to find out that the phone number is not spam.

who calls me from 662997080

Call from number 662997080

When looking for a particular number on the Internet, it will not be very difficult to know if we are facing a call that we should answer, or if we are facing a phone that it would be better not to answer. On this occasion, we are facing a number that accumulates more than 50,000 searches and more than 600 complaints . So, at first, it already lets us see that it will be better to ignore calls from this number.

Spam número

In addition, there are several users who have been leaving their personal experience so that the other people who receive this call do not waste time responding. For the most part, they make it clear that it’s about 662997080 . Although, in others, they assure that it is a call in which they hang up as soon as they answer, harassment or even from other companies such as Naturgy or Lowi:

“Block. Vodafone calling non-stop from different numbers.

Therefore, in this case, it will be better not to answer the call so as not to waste time. Although, if we respond without realizing it, it is best not to give any personal information if they ask for it and hang up the call, since it could most likely be a scam attempt. However, here the main problem is the fact of continuous calls at all hours:

“They keep calling and if you ever answer they don’t say anything, you just hear activity noise from afar.”

The prefix 662

If we start to investigate, we will see how the prefix 662 is one of the many prefixes that Vodafone has in Spain . For this reason, many users have reported that it is a call from this operator. However, in most cases they will offer us rates that are not worth it or they will call us at all hours, even at those times that, by law, they cannot.

Therefore, the best thing we can do is block the number from the mobile phone so that the phone number 662997080 cannot follow us. To do this, it will be as simple as going to the Phone or calls app, tapping on the number without calling it and tapping on the Block option. In this way, we can prevent them from calling us at all hours and stop bothering us forever. At least from this particular number.