iPhone users are more 'fearful' behind the wheel than Android users

A survey conducted by automotive parts retailer American Trucks has revealed that iPhone users are more likely to text while driving than Android users. However, Android users are less likely to cause an accident, although they are more involved in it than iPhone users.

This report is quite curious as well as striking, since it offers very detailed information on the matter. In this sense, from our site we emphasize the need not to answer or look at your mobile phone while driving, regardless of whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone. With that said, let’s dig in in this American Trucks survey.

iPhone users are more 'fearful' behind the wheel

All about drivers with iPhone or Android

The American Trucks survey was conducted among 500 Android and 500 iPhone users , with 56% men and 44% women, and a median age of 38 years. In addition to the difference in texting while driving behavior, other interesting differences were found between the two groups.

For example, although Android users play loud music in the car more frequently than iPhone users, the choice of music does not vary much between the two groups, with favorite genres being rock, hip-hop, pop, and rap.


As for traffic accidents, iPhone users receive more reckless driving tickets and are involved in traffic accidents more frequently. On the other hand, when it comes to knowledge of traffic rules and signs, if you have an Android, you are prone to better identify the “no left turn” sign and correctly place your hands on the wheel. On the other hand, in the case of having an iPhone, you understand the rest of the traffic signs better and you have more knowledge about the rules of the road.

However, Apple phone owners are less likely to speed , miss a stop sign, or drive without wearing a seatbelt, compared to Android users. Still, despite driving faster, Android users are less likely to cause an accident.

The survey also revealed that Android users mostly drive a Toyota truck, while iPhone users are split between Ford and Toyota.

Survey Conclusion

In summary, the American Trucks survey shows that while iPhone users tend to drive a little more cautiously and are more knowledgeable about the rules of the road, they are also more likely to receive reckless driving tickets and be involved in traffic accidents.

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On the other hand, Android consumers do not usually cause an accident, but are more involved in it. Likewise, it is important to note that the brand of phone you use will never be a measure of your driving skills , but the survey offers interesting information about the differences, driving habits and knowledge of traffic regulations.