Do not get distracted! Use these apps to focus more

Surely it has happened to you at some point: you try to concentrate, but after five minutes you are on your mobile phone reviewing photos on Instagram, updating Twitter or watching videos on TikTok. Although the smartphone is usually a tool that can distract us, it also works for the opposite and we show it to you with some of the best apps to improve concentration and productivity that you should install on your mobile phone and that will help you better organize your habits and chores.

Applications to concentrate more and be more productive that we can install for free and that allow us to manage day-to-day tasks, set schedules and timers to concentrate, sleep better, create habits, etc.

Use these apps to focus more


Forest is one of the best options if you are looking for applications to concentrate , one of the best applications for your productivity that you can install for free on your mobile, although it has a payment option that allows us to unlock all the functions of the application and unlock more trees than add to our forest. How Forest works? Forest is an application in which you can start planting a tree with a specific duration. During that time you will not be able to exit the app if you do not want the tree to die and a corpse to appear in your forest.

We are planting a forest with all our work times and we can customize them to see the statistics later. You can plant trees of the duration you want and you can add labels depending on whether you have planted them working, studying or simply disconnecting as a family. In addition, you will be able to see your weekly, monthly or yearly forest and we will be able to win prizes.

One of the best advantages of Forest is that it also collaborates with the organization Trees for the Future and you can plant real trees as you use the app.



HabitNow is another of the best productivity applications that we can use or install on our Android mobile phone and it consists of adding goals that we have in our daily lives . We can add sporadic notes or tasks that you can have on a specific day but also add habits that you should practice every day, several times a week or several times a month. Thanks to the application you can organize yourself and see if you are complying with those habits that you propose.

If you comply, you can mark a check with that habit. If not, you can mark it in red. HabitNow will show us the statistics and we will see whether or not we have fulfilled what we had proposed or what the habit score is month by month. For example, how many times have we read during the last twenty days? How many times have you gone for a run or been to the gym? Have you drunk two liters of water every day? We can program the tasks or habits that we want and mark them in HabitNow.


Google Tasks

Google’s is a simple but very useful and effective tool for managing our day-to-day tasks, whatever their type. They are synchronized on all devices and have integration with Gmail and Google Calendar so we can have everything organized in a simple way to know when you have a doctor’s appointment, an appointment at the hairdresser or simply what you have to buy in the market.

Google allows us to create tasks and subtasks, organize different freedoms or notebooks depending on how you want to separate the personal from the professional, for example. In addition, we can manage them from the mobile phone but also from the computer and they are automatically synchronized between all the devices where you have the app installed. You can receive reminders with deadlines, cross off completed tasks, add colors or notes to each of them…

google tasks

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks

The Pomodoro method is one of the most common for those who want to be productive and Focus To-Do is an application that allows us to organize and concentrate . It is enough to activate the timer to concentrate on our work for 25 minutes in a row without losing concentration and without wasting time. The timer will automatically notify us every 25 minutes to take a five-minute break and then return to our tasks without wasting time.

An application that we can not only use on the mobile phone but also allows us to synchronize it with the computer to have complete control. But you can also add tasks and projects, reminders or priority in the different tasks.



SleepTown is an application from the creators of Forest and it is not as such one of the best applications to be more productive but to lead a more orderly life or to get used to having healthy habits , something essential if we want to improve productivity. An application very similar to that of the forest but in which we are going to build buildings in a city if we reach the sleep goals , if we meet the sleep goals and build healthy habits.

We establish a sleep routine and from that time a building will begin to be built in our city. We cannot use the mobile phone after the scheduled time, thus avoiding staying up late or abusing the use of screens before bed. In addition, there is also a time when we must wake up so SleepTown helps us get up early and not postpone the alarm.