How to Disable the Background of the Login Screen in Windows

The functions that little by little are coming to an operating system of the importance of Windows 10, or they are ideas from Microsoft, or requests from users. It must be borne in mind that one of the main objectives of all this is to cover their needs as much as possible.

As you can imagine, with all this those from Redmond what they really achieve is a more powerful and functional operating system. At the same time, users have software that meets their needs, both at a functional and customization level . In fact, along these same lines, we want to focus on this second section, that of customizing the operating system.

Disable the Background of the Login Screen in Windows

Windows 10 customization options

The characteristics in this sense that over time Microsoft has included in this sense, are increasing. Thus, in addition to presenting the most advanced functions to your customers, at the same time they can adapt many of them. In fact, since its launch back in the summer of 2015, based on updates , new customization options have been added.

Some are better known than others, but these offer us the possibility to further customize the colors of the windows or install our own themes to the system .

Temas Windows

What’s more, we could say that both the topics we are commenting on, and the funds used here, are among the most popular sections in general terms. These, as many of you already know, allow us to give a much more personal aspect to the team’s work environment on a day-to-day basis with it. But another aspect that perhaps not all of you know similar to this, is what we will talk about now. We say this because next we want to focus on being able to disable the default Windows background image on the login screen.

That is why we are going to show you, step by step, how we can deactivate and reactivate this section. Thus, depending on the needs or tastes of each one, we can continue to see the background of the screen that we find in the Windows 10 login.

How to disable the Windows logon wallpaper

As with many other sections related to the aspect offered by the system we are talking about here, the beginning of it can also be changed. And it is that many times we try to eliminate elements related to all this in order to save resources, for example. Thus, what we do is eliminate images or animations that Windows uses by default so that the consumption of resources is lower. For example, to remove animations and effects from the system for this purpose, we only have to go to Settings / Accessibility.

Desactivar animaciones

What is the login image

Similarly, instead of saving resources, many use these customizations to work with a more original Windows . Thus, what they actually achieve is to have a much more personal and own software on a day-to-day basis. What’s more, all of this can even help us to be more productive. But what interests us in this particular case is the ability to remove the background image from the login screen . This is the first one we meet before entering the system access credentials .

With it, what Windows tries is that we have a more pleasant and striking login screen when we start working with Windows. But with everything and with it, as we tell you this is something that we can eliminate, let’s see how to achieve it. This is something that we can also get from the Settings application. We can quickly access it through the Win + I key combination.

In the new window that appears we find a series of options that we can use. From them we have the possibility to modify a good number of Windows aspects.

Turn off the login screen image

But with everything and with it, the one that interests us in this case in the so-called Personalization, where we click.

Personalización configuración

Once inside, we have to take a look at the menu on the left, where we also see several sections. Therefore, in this specific case, the one that interests us is the Lock Screen. As you can imagine, this is the section that really takes care of the task we are looking for here. Thus, among other things, we can see that here we have the possibility of adding a series of applications integrated in the system to this lock screen. This will allow us to quickly access them and be able to use them from this section.

But at the same time we find a selector called Show lock screen Windows background image on the login screen. At this point we will tell you that by default this option is enabled.

Selector pantalla bloqueo

Therefore, at first, every time we turn on the PC and start Windows, when we log in we will see a generic background. If we want to deactivate it, we simply click on the mentioned selector so that all this is deactivated. Say that the changes apply right then and there.

Therefore, as we can see, this is an action that we can carry out quickly and easily. Later, in the event that what we need is to reverse the situation, we only have to carry out the steps described. However, in this case, what we will do is reactivate the selector that we have talked about to see an image on the Windows login screen.