How to Have Internet But Avoid Insecure Wi-Fi Networks

Having an Internet connection anywhere has become almost necessary today. We need it to maintain communication with friends and family and to be able to use certain services. Today we can find a wireless network almost everywhere. Now, are they all safe? The truth is that no. In this article we are going to talk about how to have the Internet without having to connect to insecure public networks.

How to get Internet without using insecure Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi networks are everywhere. You just have to go to a shopping center, airport or any busy street and do a search with your mobile. However, it is precisely these places, the spaces where there may be more people, the most dangerous to connect with.

Avoid Insecure Wi-Fi Networks

Hackers can deploy networks with the aim of stealing information . They can even serve to sneak malware onto our devices. Hence the importance of always maintaining security when using these types of networks. We will explain how to avoid insecure public Wi-Fi networks.

Share data with mobile

A very interesting option that we have to avoid having to compromise our security when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network is to directly share data from our mobile. In this way, our devices will be connected through our personal network, without the risk of information being leaked.

Most mobile phones allow easy data sharing. You just have to enter the corresponding section and enable the shared connection. Of course, we must always use a good password.

Use a 4G router

We can also use a 4G router . This type of device allows us to have the Internet anywhere with total security. We are simply going to need mobile coverage and in this way the device itself will create a Wi-Fi network to which we can connect without having to use public ones that may be insecure.

A 4G portable router may also have a built-in external battery. In this way we can connect from anywhere without the need for an electrical outlet. We can, for example, navigate from other devices on a train or bus.

Router 4G TP-Link


We can achieve something similar with USB Wi-Fi . They are small devices that we connect to a computer or any compatible equipment. In this case we have to put the SIM card in the device to offer connection to the equipment. It has limitations compared to the previous option, since we could not connect multiple devices at the same time.

Check that the network belongs to a secure establishment

A final option is to connect to Wi-Fi networks that we find, but do it with total security. It is important that we verify that it really belongs to a legitimate establishment, that it does not have any type of problem that affects privacy. We must avoid those that we do not know their origin, since they could be hooks.

In short, these are some options we have to connect to the Internet almost anywhere without using public and insecure Wi-Fi networks. We leave you a complete tutorial where we explain some errors when using a public Wi-Fi.