Best programs to record the games while we play on the PC

Nowadays, it is more and more common to find platforms to stream our games to video games such as YouTube, Twitch, among others. Given its success and the fact that more and more users are opting for this type of content, there are a good number of applications that allow us to transmit video through them, edit the videos and add more control or certain elements that give a better result. professional to our recordings.

Although many platforms allow you to record videos and streaming content from it, it is no less true that if we want to obtain the best result, the best option may be to use third-party software.

Best programs to record the games

Record your games in Windows with its Game Bar

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 with their own built-in tool for screen recording while gaming. This application is called Game Bar and we can activate it simply by pressing the Windows + G keyboard shortcut. This will launch an overlay screen that we can launch at any time, which cannot be very useful while we play.

Barra de juego Windows

The Windows Game Bar will allow us to enable an FPS counter that will allow us to control the performance of the games, as well as to know the status of the CPU, GPU and RAM while we play. At the same time we can control the audio, take screenshots, interact with friends while we play, or even access Spotify.

Best free recording apps

Next, we are going to see different free programs with which we can record our games online to later share them on different platforms and social networks.

OBS Studio, powerful, but not very intuitive

This is one of the preferred tools for many players, as it allows us to record the game or transmit the content in parallel. It is characterized by being open source and free, not being necessary to carry out any type of special configuration, since we only have to select the source from which we want to record and start the recording. It has support for most platforms for live streaming, as well as great support from the community, which allows it to always be up to date, incorporating new features and correcting errors.

OBS Studio

The program is capable of recording videos in FLV and MP4 format, which guarantees high-quality broadcasts. We will also find various complementary functions such as Picture-in-Picture mode, custom watermarks and Push-to-Talk mode. However, despite all its advantages, it is not a perfect tool, and we must also know that it is not an easy program to use, since it has a steep learning curve and its interface is not the most intuitive.

We can download OBS Studio for free from the developer’s website .

The best:

  • Record to FLV and MP4 in high quality.
  • Open source


  • High learning curve.
  • Not very intuitive interface.

Streamlabs OBS, simple and packed with features

This program is a video recording and streaming platform that aims to simplify the OBS Studio interface so that it can be used by the most inexperienced users. We are talking about software that is characterized by being quite simple to use and full of integrated functions that will help us with the recording and transmission of our games.


Since the software connects directly to our Stremlabs account, it will allow us to import all the tools directly from the website without the need to copy and paste a series of URLs. So many are its similarities with OBS Studio that it has practically the same features, but through a much more simplified interface. In addition, it includes various customization options for text-to-speech, alerts, layouts, and widgets.

However, as less favorable points of this program we can indicate that it is currently in beta phase, so it is possible that we will find some problems. Also, it has fewer encoding options than OBS Studio and no cross-platform support.

Streamlabs is a free application that we can download from its official website .


  • Same features as OBS Studio, but easier to use
  • Many functions of recording and transmission of our games


  • In Beta phase.
  • No cross-platform support.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience, record the screen with Shadowplay

In the event that our PC has an NVIDIA signature graphics card, it is likely that we have the NVIDIA GeForce Experience tool installed. This has been developed by the manufacturer itself to allow us to configure the graphics of the games optimally, as well as record the screen with Shadowplay. One of the best features of ShadowPlay is that it uses the GPU (Nvenc) to handle the video encoding, so it won’t be CPU intensive.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience - Panel superpuesto

This software is capable of recording at the same resolution as the screen of our PC and it works quite well if what we are looking for is a basic recording of our games. The program is only compatible with the Microsoft operating system, running from Windows 7 to Windows 11. Against it, it must be said that it is limited exclusively for use with NVIDIA graphics cards and that it does not have as many additional functions as others similar programs.

GeForce Experience can be downloaded from the NVIDIA website .

Positive points:

  • Record at the same resolution as the screen.
  • Uses the GPU to reduce CPU usage.

Bad points:

  • Exclusive for use with NVIDIA cards.
  • Fewer options than other programs.

Radeon ReLive, encode video using the GPU

Just as NVIDIA has its own software, AMD could not be less, and if we have a graphics card from the company, we can use a program like Radeon ReLive to record games. Formerly called AMD ReLive, it is an application that uses the GPU for most of the video encoding, thus saving CPU load cycles.

Instalar ReLive AMD Radeon

The impact of using this program on the frame rate is quite weak, but it is true that for more complex transmission configurations it may be insufficient. Something that is really interesting is the possibility of making recordings at a higher resolution than the one we are playing. For example, if we play in 1080p resolution, it is possible to record at 4K . As you might expect, the main drawback of this software is that it only works with AMD cards and doesn’t have as many features as dedicated recording software.

It is possible to download Radeon ReLive for free from its website.

In favor:

  • Encode video through GPU to save CPU load.
  • You can record at a higher resolution than we play.


  • Only compatible with AMD cards.
  • Fewer features than other programs.

Capture, simple but very effective

We are talking about an open source application with which we can record the screen of our computer on video. It is characterized by being simple to use and allows us to make recordings both from the screen of our PC and from an external video input such as a WebCam and recording our voice through the microphone. With it we will be able to save the video encoded with FFmeg or GIF. DirectX Fullscreen games can be recorded directly using the desktop mirroring API. Of course, we will need the game and the graphics card to be compatible.


We can download Capture for free from its official website.

The good:

  • Easy to use.
  • Encode in FFmpeg.

The bad:

  • We will need the game and graphics card to be compatible.

Professional programs to record while playing

If the free programs are not enough for us or we simply want to opt for more professional options with which to be able to opt for the best results regardless of their price, these applications are the ones that we should consider.

Bandicam, reduce recording space without losing quality

We are talking about an application to make screen recordings with professional quality. Although it is positioned as a screen recorder for Windows, its extensive ability to record at high bitrates makes it excellent for game recording, making it ideal for recording videos and creating educational tutorials. With it we will be able to record up to 4K resolution without reducing the capacity of our hard drive, since it has a built-in compression function , which guarantees that we obtain a smaller weight without sacrificing quality.


The recordings that we make can be adjusted, making it possible to change the size of the capture area, which allows the window to be reduced or increased. Its main drawback is that it does not have a video editing option, so it is necessary to use an external application to be able to edit and add audio to the recorded video. In addition, its price is 36.95 euros for a license.

If we want to try Bandicam, we can download a free trial version from its website.

In favor:

  • Record up to 4K.
  • Built-in compression function.


  • No video editing options.

Fraps, configure the FPS of the recording to your liking

This is another of the most popular game recording software for Windows as it stands out for being very easy to use. Unlike other similar programs that have a capacity for adjustments and configurations that can be overwhelming, Fraps is based on simplicity so that we only have to worry about pressing the record button. However, we are going to have access to fundamental functions such as the configuration to see the speed of the FPS that can go from 30 to 120.


Even the program is capable of going one step further and allows us to enter the value of the FPS for the recording in a personalized way, even below 30. It also has the possibility of recording audio through an external input and the system sound. That is why we are facing an application that offers us a perfect experience for recording games, being light and easy to use. Its main disadvantage is that the videos can take up a lot of space, since their compression quality is not very high.

Fraps allows you to download a limited free version with a watermark and duration of time that can be used to test the product. If you want to use it without restrictions, we can buy your license for 33 euros, with free updates.

The good:

  • Record up to 120 FPS.
  • Record audio via external input.

The bad:

  • The compression is not very high.

Gamecaster, powerful as well as simple

It is a recording software that is as simple as it is powerful. In addition to live broadcasts, it can be used perfectly to record our games with high-quality results. It will simply be necessary to press a button and the program will take care of automatically configuring the settings based on the characteristics of our PC. This means that we can make recordings with a professional appearance, even if we do not have previous experience.


Another important feature is the possibility of editing videos since it has its own built-in editor to retouch the recorded videos before sharing them or uploading them to any website. In addition, it has a wide variety of themes and endless customization possibilities. However, we may be missing finer control over important things like selective recording and audio.

Gamecaster can be downloaded for free , although to make the most of all its features we must subscribe to its Premium version.


  • It has a built-in editor.
  • Automatically adjust recording settings.


  • More precise controls for selective and audio recording are missing.

Which is the best option?

As we can see, we have a good number of options that we can choose to make recordings of our games when we play. We have both free and paid programs, with more professional features and that we can also try before going through the checkout. That is why it is recommended to try the different options available to see first-hand which one best suits our uses and needs.

Of the free options, we stay with OBS Studio as long as we have advanced knowledge or want to face its steep learning curve. Otherwise , Streamlabs OBS is more aimed at beginners, improving the interface and offering almost the same functions. Of the paid applications, Bandicam is surely the most popular option due to its ability to record in 4K while minimizing the file size thanks to its good encoding system.