Delete Gmail from your mobile: these 2 apps give you much more

Having our email inbox well organized is key in the middle of the year 2023. Whether on a personal or professional level, the number of emails we send and receive each year is increasing, so having everything up to date and organized each time is more complicated.

Gmail is a great alternative, but there are a couple of third-party apps that have some pretty cool features that outperform Google’s email manager.

The maximum number of emails you can send with Gmail

Edison mail manager

Edison is a free email client app that is compatible with pretty much every service you can think of. It will help you to replace your Gmail app with Google email, but it also works with Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.

Edison Mail

In this way, you can simplify your day to day by having all your email accounts unified to have a simple and clean unified inbox. Speaking of inbox, Edison is a lightning-fast email client and packs powerful features like dark mode, snooze messages, custom quick actions, and more.

It is a really useful email manager to avoid being saturated with mass mailings from certain senders. To help you better control spam , in convenient gestures you can remove annoying senders from your inbox forever with one-touch unsubscribe and the best domain blocking capabilities available.

Spy pixels or tracking pixels are hyperlinks to remote image files in HTML email messages that have the effect of spying on the person reading the email if the image is downloaded. Over 8,600 of these spy pixels hide in your mailbox every year, and Edison can help you block them all by default to protect your privacy.

Spark Mail

Spark Mail is a combination of elegance, simplicity and robustness, being one of the most functional email clients out there. It is a manager mainly focused on productivity, helping you filter out distractions so you can focus on what’s important and you can have greater control of your workflow.

Its tools to prioritize important emails are really interesting. Spark pushes high-priority and personal emails to the top, so you can focus on them first, then grouped notifications and newsletters further down. It also allows you to group emails from preferred senders for easy access to these favorite senders.

Spark offers the possibility of configuring gestures at four levels for its mobile version. This allows you to interact with an email without actually entering it, just having to slide a little to the left or right, obtaining two more interactions by sliding completely to one of these sides. You can assign to your liking the actions of postponing, filing, deleting or moving to important ones as you like.

In the event that you have Android, it recently introduced support for Android 13 via update and added support for Material You, the operating system’s native dynamic theme engine.