Darkside 2.0, a Ransomware that Encrypts Files at High Speed

Ransomware is one of the most important threats we have on the web. There are many varieties and they are constantly updated to seek to achieve the objective and put users at risk. This type of malicious software has the mission of encrypting systems and files and later asking for a ransom in return. In this article we echo Darkside 2.0 , a new version that promises to encrypt files at a much higher speed.

Darkside 2.0, the ransomware that encrypts files faster

A group of security researchers has detected this new threat. It is a variant of this ransomware known as Darkside 2.0. According to its creators, it is capable of much faster encryption, VoIP calls and selection of virtual machines.

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They indicate that it is the ransomware that encrypts files faster. So far no malware of this type has been found that is capable of encrypting a system in such a short time. It is an important problem in order to protect ourselves, since there is less margin.

It is a RaaS ransomware . As we have explained on other occasions, this type of malicious software can be bought by a user and carry out attacks, while the developer takes a commission in return. It is, therefore, a way to bring this type of malware to anyone, without the need for extensive knowledge.

The faster a ransomware is, the less time the victim will have to disconnect in the event of such an attack. This increases the risk of losing important files and that our system does not work properly.

Darkside 2.0 is also multi-threaded on Windows and Linux versions. The Linux version of the ransomware can now attack VMware ESXi vulnerabilities, which means it can hijack virtual machines and encrypt virtual hard drives. It has also been developed to attack devices connected to the network.

But another peculiarity of this RaaS ransomware is that it allows to make VoIP calls to put pressure on the victims and make them pay money. It is very important that we are protected and that we avoid making mistakes that put our teams at risk.

How to avoid falling victim to this type of ransomware

It is very important that we are protected to avoid ransomware. Otherwise our data could be in danger and we could lose all the content that is in a system.

Something fundamental is to always have security tools . We have many types of programs available to us to protect ourselves with. A good antivirus, for example, will make the system scan files for dangers and remove them.

We must also keep the systems up to date . On many occasions, vulnerabilities arise that can be used by hackers to achieve their objectives. This means that we must always install the latest versions and all the patches that are available.

But without a doubt something that can not be missing is common sense . To avoid ransomware like Darkside 2.0, we must not make mistakes such as downloading an attached file that could be dangerous or opening unsafe pages.