How to Install Android 10 on Compatible BQ Phones

Although it seems like a thing of the past, there are still those who have a BQ mobile in their pocket. It is normal, in its day the brand was one of the best when it came to launching mobile phones with great value for money, but its absorption by VinGroup led it to a secondary position in the Spanish market. If you have any BQ Aquaris X in your possession, you’ll be happy to know that you can now install Android 10 on your device.

Install Android 10 on Compatible BQ Phones

Currently the brand has open a beta program for Android 10 for the mobile phones of the BQ Aquaris X2 range but thanks to custom ROMs with LineageOS it is also possible to bring the latest version of Google’s operating system to older models.

Android 10 (beta) for the BQ Aquaris X2

android 10 bq

The easiest way to have Android 10 on your BQAQuaris X2 (but not the fastest) is to sign up for the betas program for each of the mobiles. THE brand warns that places are limited and that the operating system may not be 100% stable. Once we sign up for the firm’s beta program, we will not have to do anything more than wait, because we will receive an update notice via OTA that does not imply any type of data loss. Unless, of course, we want to return to Android Pie, which is why it is more than recommended to make a backup before …

If you are chosen to test the beta, the firm will contact you to provide the information requested and install each of the versions that are released. To remain a beta tester you must meet the conditions of the program at the risk of being expelled from it.

Android 10 (LineageOS 17) for the BQ Aquaris X

bq aquaris X Pro

Those who cannot officially install Android 10 on their mobile always have a great alternative in LineageOS. This is the case of the BQ Aquaris X , phones marketed with Android 7.1.1 Nougat that can now enjoy Android 10 thanks to LineageOS 17. Of course, it is a rather complicated method so if you do not have much idea of installing recoveries in Android, you better not do it. If you continue from here it is at your own risk.

  • First download and install TWRP on your mobile
  • Download the ROM file for the BQ Aquaris X or Bq Aquaris X Pro ) and the Gapps and save it in the internal storage or SD card of your device
  • Now start your device in TWRP recovery mode
  • In TWRP create a Nandroid backup of your device
  • Make a hard drive of the device following the path Wipe> Wipe Data
  • Now return to the main TWRP menu by pressing the center navigation button
  • Select Install find the ROM zip file and swipe to confirm
  • Once the installation is complete, install the Gapps
  • After installation, select clear cache at the bottom left of the screen
  • When the process is complete, click Restart System