Ways to Create Huawei Mobile Wallpapers with EMUI

Personalization is very important in Huawei mobiles, an aspect that goes beyond themes and leads us to wallpapers. By default we have access to many wallpapers that already come in EMUI, but we are going to show you how you can create wallpapers for your mobile. In this way only you can have them and they will be impossible to find twice.

Create Huawei Mobile Wallpapers with EMUI

We have many creative possibilities to develop wallpapers and make our mobile look different. The steps are not difficult to develop and depending on the knowledge of each one, we can choose one method or the other, but you will surely find the one that is most useful to you for what you are looking for. We don’t need to be designers or experts in the field, just spend a few minutes shaping our own wallpaper.

How to make wallpapers with Photoshop

For those who have Photoshop on their computer, we will explain the steps necessary to create a wallpaper that perfectly adapts to what we are looking for. The steps are not complicated at all and we will use the resources we find online to make our wallpaper adapt to our tastes.

  • First of all we have to open the Photoshop program and click on create a new document.
  • Then we access the Huawei mobile section of our site and search for our model.
  • Within the model we will have to go to resolution and use this data to configure the width and height of the document .

Once we have created the document we go to Google Images and perform a search based on our tastes accompanied by the word wallpaper. Once we have found the image that we like the most among the infinity of options that are available, we just have to place it in the document that we have created and choose the position that we like the most.

fondos de pantalla photoshop

If we prefer, we can also choose to use photographs that we find online in libraries such as Unsplash or Pixabay , where we can download them for free. Another creative alternative is to use Photoshop brushes and shape your own and exclusive designs if we have something on hand and spend some time with it.

Use Huawei cameras to create backgrounds

One of the factors by which Huawei mobiles differ is for their cameras and we can also take advantage of them to create our wallpapers. Helping us with the different lenses of the device we can follow the tricks of macro photography with mobiles and create an exclusive wallpaper.

We have to our devices a lot of elements to photograph with which creating a wallpaper can be very easy. We just have to think about the result and carry it out, with examples ranging from nature to the sky or textures that we see daily and we have never given them importance. Among our gallery it is possible that we already have a photo worthy of being used as wallpaper.

editar fotos huawei

Once we have the photo on our mobile, we will edit it with the help of the Huawei gallery. In it we have options to modify parameters such as contrast, saturation, color tone and some effects. Then we will only have to cut the image to our liking and it will be ready to use.

poner cambiar fondo pantalla huawei

Setting the image as wallpaper is very simple, we just have to open it in the gallery and tap on the three points at the bottom. Among the options we find the “configure as” and then we choose wallpaper or if we also want them as a lock screen.

Design a wallpaper on your mobile

If we want to be even more creative, we can help ourselves with applications like Canva, which we can download for free in the Google Play application store . From the app, just by using the search engine to find wallpapers for your phone, several customizable options will appear.

diseño wallpaper canva

In the app itself it allows us to change colors, images and add our own that we export from the gallery. Its limits are in the creativity of each one because it also adds options based on PNG images that can give us a very different result from the original. At the end we just have to save it on our Huawei mobile and adapt it as a wallpaper.