How to Configure Updates on Xiaomi Mobile Phones

After the MIUI 12 presentation, many are the users who are looking forward to the news that allows us to verify that we already have a new version available for our Xiaomi mobile. But not everything is waiting because in MIUI we have several options to get more out of the Xiaomi updater , even with options to receive the new version sooner.

Configure Updates on Xiaomi Mobile Phones

By all it is known that MIUI is full of added options that you think about productivity, tricks and functions, but we also found some very important when it comes to updating our mobiles. If you have a Xiaomi mobile it is recommended that you know them and so you can take advantage of MIUI without restrictions.

Activate hidden updater options

Getting to the menu that allows us to update our Xiaomi is simple, since we only have to enter Settings> About the phone> System update. In this section we can manually occupy if we have a new version available but also with a little trick we will be able to multiply the options of the three points at the top.

opciones avanzadas actualizar miui

We will only have to repeatedly touch the MIUI logo in the version we are using and the message will appear on the screen showing us that the advanced features have been activated. Now when we touch on the three points at the top we are going to see more options which we are going to take advantage of.

Options in MIUI Updater

When we touch on the three points in the upper right part, a series of options appear. We explain what each one is for and how we can take advantage of these options to our Xiaomi mobile.

Download the latest package

The purpose of this option is to save the latest ROM package that is available for our smartphone on our mobile. This package will already be installed on our mobile phone but it may be the solution to a specific software problem.

Select the update package

paquete actualizacion xiaomi

For those who download the ROM from external sources to enjoy before the MIUI news, this tool will be very useful, since it greatly facilitates the installation of any package that we need. When you touch on it, the root folder of the device will appear, from where we will navigate to find the place where we have stored it.

Update settings

Within the updater there are also options that we can modify and among them we have the option to choose if we want them to be downloaded automatically at the best time and also install them without having to do anything.

ajustes actualizaciones xiaomi

One of the actions that we learn to activate is to receive updates before , because this way Xiaomi will allow us to access the latest stable MIUI version earlier.

Reboot to recovery mode

In case we want to install a ROM cleanly, we can choose the option to do it from the Xiaomi recovery mode. With this access we avoid having to follow the steps of turning off the phone and using the necessary buttons.


novedades miui xiaomi

Finally we find this section where we will be able to see the news that have arrived in the last update to our mobile in a concrete way. This can be useful for us to know what errors were and have been solved.