How to create and use filters in the camera of Samsung Galaxy phones

Over the years we have seen that the cameras of mobile devices have improved to such an extent that they have become one of the most used options to be able to take photos in our day to day life. However, it is not only the evolution of smartphones that matters, but also their options to edit the images , as well as the fact of adding filters to the snapshots that we are taking.

And it is that, with the simple fact of adding a different tone to an image, we will be able to significantly change the final result of the shot that we had taken. Achieving to a large extent that the image is more or less attractive. So it is always important to know in depth the options that our Android mobile offers us.

create and use filters in the camera of Samsung Galaxy phones

As is the case today with the Samsung Galaxy, in which we will not only find the filters that come by default , but we will also have the possibility of creating ourselves, but it will not be completely giving free rein to creativity. , but it has a trick as we will see later.

The added value of filters

There is no doubt that when trying to achieve the best final results when we take an image with our Samsung, we are aware of many details such as light, focus, etc. But, we must not lose sight of the great variety of tones that One UI makes available to us before taking the snapshot, and even after with the image editor of the Korean manufacturer’s smartphones.

fotos y filtro con movil

This is why, if we pay attention before taking the photograph with the camera of our terminal, we can even save ourselves from having to go through image editing once we see the result. And it is that, among the wide variety of possibilities that these smartphones offer us, we can find ourselves with different options, from those that play with black and white, such as those modalities that are responsible for enlivening the colors.

Therefore, we will always have to assess to a greater or lesser extent that these tones can improve the photographs we have taken with the camera of a Samsung Galaxy. Although, the use that we are going to give ourselves will also depend on it. More than anything, because this tool that is included in the camera app itself is not always the winning option.

By this we mean that the filters that come by default in the Korean firm’s mobiles will not always be the best possible option. For this reason, it is important to know the possibility that it offers us to be able to create them ourselves to give it our personal touch. We even have the fact that we can download them already created, without having to worry about designing them ourselves.

Create filters in One UI

It is clear that we will get a magazine photograph without having to be an expert when applying the appropriate filter . For this reason, our recommendation is not only to opt for the tones that come by default in the Samsung Galaxy, but that we go on to design it ourselves taking into account the characteristics that we like the most of the tone that we use the most.

In addition, whenever we choose a specific one, it will be ideal to have a copy of the original image, so that, from there, we can start retouching it later or leave it as it is with the tone we had chosen. Thus, if we finally decide to use another one on an already retouched photo, it will be easier to edit it again.

Design them from your mobile

One of the great advantages that we find in the software layer of the Korean brand is the possibility of designing our own filters . But, for this we will not be able to choose the characteristics of this on our own, but it will be the mobile software itself that will be in charge of creating it for us.

Crear filtro Samsung Galaxy

However, we will be the one who will choose the image that best looks within the image gallery of our smartphone so that Samsung’s own smartphone is able to copy the characteristics of the snapshot and turn it into a filter so that we use it as long as we want in the photo that we want to edit. To do this, we will have to go to Camera> tap on the magic wand> My filters> Select an image> Save. The only adjustment that we will have within our reach which we can change when using it will be the intensity of the tone , and all thanks to the lower bar that will appear and that will go from 0 to 10 intensity.

Download the ones you like the most

If we do not have enough inspiration to design ours, we will always have the alternative of reviewing the wide catalog that the South Korean company offers us. And all this without having to download any type of third-party app, but it will be thanks to its own camera.

Descargar filtros en Samsung Galaxy

To do this, we will have to enter the application of our smartphone, touch on the wand icon in the upper right part and slide to the right of all the filter options that it will offer us. Then, we will have to click on the Download icon that we will find at the end. Once there, we will enter a section called Camera and image effects .

Inside, we will find a great variety of possibilities which we can easily download. When clicking on an option, we will have to click on Install. Finally, we must bear in mind that every time we install a new one, it will be added to the end of the options.

Activate the live option

Aplicar filtros en vivo Samsung Galaxy

One of the possibilities that we will use the most within the camera of our Samsung Galaxy is that it allows us to use filters in real time for the photographs that we are going to take at that moment. The best of all is that to activate them, we will only have to click on the icon in the upper right corner that is shaped like a magic wand.

When we have clicked on this camera tool, we will see in real time how the tone is. Also, after taking the image, it will be applied to it. And not only will we have this option, but we will also find the beauty mode, which will be in charge of smoothing our skin, eliminating imperfections, among other aspects.