What are the most watched videos of El Rubius?

Hello, little creatures of the Lord, El Rubius is one of the most important YouTubers and not only for its 40 million subscribers, but also for its ability to generate interaction and everything demonstrated through other social platforms and even with commercial actions with brands such as Sony, Fanta, etc. Of course, his channel has been his main springboard to fame and these are his most viewed videos.

Who is El Rubius

most watched videos of El Rubius

It might seem like a somewhat strange question, because at this point in the film it is difficult not to know who El Rubius is. Surely you have come across some of its content or even a comment about it on social networks. Sometimes these comments, much to his regret, are more linked to his personal life than to their content. For example, all the controversy generated as a result of his change of tax address to Andorra.

However, suppose you have no idea who he is yet. Well, we will tell you that his real name is Rubén Doblas Gundersen . He was born in Mijas, Málaga (Spain) on February 13, 1990 and if he is known by the vast majority of users, it is through his YouTube channel.

elrubiusOMG is the name of its main channel, one that has earned it to become one of the most popular content creators on the platform and practically on the internet. And it is that it has more than 40 million subscribers. That is to say, practically only seven million would be missing to reach the Spanish population.

What makes El Rubius special

Rubius Checkpoint Binge

Logically, the story of El Rubius is not an overnight success story. Since he opened his channel in 2006, a lot has happened to reach those more than forty million subscribers on YouTube and thousands more on each of the social networks and platforms in which he registers.

Even so, if we had to quickly say what makes this content creator special to so many people or what were the keys to its success, we could say that for all this:

Be at the right time and place

On the internet you can be successful even when there are already many others who compete in the same sector, you just have to come up with renewed ideas and a good job to achieve it. Even so, it is much easier when you do it being at the right time and place, that happened to El Rubius.

We are not going to detract from it, because the perseverance to take one video after another is very important, but doing it in the process of expansion of a platform like YouTube always helps. Also, at that time there was not nearly that much channel.

Video games as a niche

The niche you are targeting with your project will mark a good part of the success. It is not the same to compete in a crowded one to do it in others where there is not so much rival. In the world of video games on the Internet, it does have tough competition, but when you do it well and are among the first, it is easier to stand out.

Since its inception until now, although it has made other types of content, that of gameplay has remained the main one and that is why millions of people continue to see it.

Own style and very related to its audience

The naturalness with which Rubén has always behaved in his videos is what has helped him grow so much. He has always shown himself as he is, natural, with humor, with charisma , enthusiastic about what he does, … there are several qualifiers that can be used and you may not agree with everyone or that you do not share them, but that own style and Knowing how to connect very well with the target audience to which your content is mainly directed has been key.

Seize opportunities

When you review the most viral contents of El Rubius or those most striking for all the production they have had, you realize that another reason for their success has been knowing how to take advantage of opportunities. And for that you have to be very brave.

Because when you are used to making content by yourself, from home, without anyone looking at you or observing how you move, what you do or say, it is very difficult to go to the opposite extreme. Still, Rubén Doblas has done it in campaigns with Sony, Fanta or even Dominos Pizza among many other brands.

That exposure has served him to earn money , but also to make himself known even more when with the launch of the most important PlayStation games you see him promoting it in a special piece.

The most viewed videos of El Rubius

At this point, with almost 15 years creating content on the internet and 835 for now on his main YouTube channel, you may wonder what his most popular videos have been, the most viewed and, therefore, with the highest number of reproductions. . Well, that is what we are going to show you next. These are the TOP 10 most viewed videos of El Rubius, not the best.

Minecraft – Miner ft. StarkinDJ

This video was published nine years ago and is a parody of the song Torero de Chayanne. With much autotune accumulates right now more than 96 million reproductions. 

If you laugh you lose challenge with Rubius

The classic already If you laugh you lose only with the Rubius as the protagonist. Considering that he is a smiling guy, he sometimes holds up laughter too well. It was published 4 years ago and has 51 million views.

Disgusting beans challenge

Challenges have always given YouTubers a lot of life. Thanks to them they could generate additional content when they were somewhat more stuck with ideas. Here you can try some strange beans from Harry Potter ( 47 million views ).

Pikaboos is god

This is one of the many videos that he has made with his main friends and also Youtubers, such as Mangel or Alexby. This time they start playing Super Smash Bros with a Pikachu that seems to have no rival. Total views? 46 million views.

Photo Booth Challenge

When Apple launched the PhotoBooth app years ago, it went viral due to a series of distortion effects that generated numerous laughs. Yes, it was something absurd, but few could resist and end up laughing, while elrubiusOMG added 44 million extra views and a good handful of euros for YouTube advertising.

Challenge goal by Rubius

Almost 43 million views , a soccer field, a few friends and… trying to hit the goalpost.

Looking for a girlfriend in Chatroulette

Little to say about this video where elrubiusOMG makes use of Chatroulette, a platform that for a long time gave a lot of play since it was a kind of chat where you didn’t know who you were going to end up chatting with. Also, you could use the camera and that was a lot of play if you dared. Total: 42 million views.

Try not to laugh challenge

That of trying not to laugh he repeated it several times, after all it was a type of content that was easy to do and capable of giving many views. With this he achieved 40 million views .

The 1000 voices of Mangel

Mangel gets into the Twitch chat, puts on an autotune application and while El Rubius plays, the other one entertains with songs and any nonsense that comes to mind. Outcome? 40 million views.

Questions and rest studies # 2

With 38 million views , its tenth most viewed is this Questions and Answers. It is not the only one on his channel, but it is a way to find out more about him. Again, his own character, naturalness and that ability to connect with people is the success of his videos.

How much does El Rubius earn?

With such a number of views on YouTube and knowing that the platform pays for views, you will wonder how much you earn. Well, a lot of money. In addition, he is not only on this video platform, but also on Twitch, years ago he signed a collaboration agreement with Microsoft, the campaigns he does with Sony and other brands, etc.

There are so many sources of income for El Rubius that calculating exactly how much he earns per month would be ridiculous. Keep in mind that he is one of the privileged ones who live off the internet and they do it very well.