How to create an experience farm in Minecraft from mobile

As in all games, we find little tricks or tips that help us level up faster than we were doing. And, how could it be otherwise, in Minecraft we also have some other advantage to achieve it. Within this title developed by Mojang there are several ways, but one that will help us, and a lot, will be experience farms.

The tricks to get experience in Minecraft is something that we will look for at one time or another, especially when we need more levels to enchant weapons, armor, etc. For this reason, if you are tired of going to the mine or fighting skeletons, zombies… this will be the best way to increase without dying trying. To make it easier for you, we will tell you all the steps you must follow to create it yourself from your Android or iPhone mobile.

create an experience farm in Minecraft from mobile

What do we need?

It all depends on the type you want. Basically, because there are different ways to use your Android or iPhone mobile to create experience farms in Minecraft. From little tricks by putting coal and some potatoes in an oven, to creating huge constructions that will take us a few minutes or even hours to finish. However, the one we are going to show you will be one of the simplest things you can do.


To do this, we will need a series of basic materials with which we can build an experience farm in Minecraft from an iPhone or Android phone:

  • 16 redstone powders.
  • 1 lever.
  • 1 repeater.
  • 4 sticky pistons.
  • 4 normal pistons.
  • 9 posters.
  • 12 sand blocks.
  • 4 redstone torches.
  • 4 chests.
  • 4 hoppers (funnel).
  • 1 bucket with water.
  • Glass and stone blocks (you can choose the design that you like the most).
  • Glowstone blocks or glowing stone.
  • Cane, bamboo and cactus.

time to build

The moment of truth arrives. After having collected all this series of materials. We have to build a farm first that will give us cacti, bamboo and sugar cane almost infinitely so that we can later use it to get experience in Minecraft . Although, we already warned you that, mainly, we will need the cactus to create green dye.

To make it as clear as possible while you read this process, we will tell you step by step what you should do:

  • The first thing will be to put a horizontal line of eight solid blocks of the ones you have chosen, in our case we have preferred brick.
  • Later, we will have to put two blocks next to the first two of this row, and then leave a free space, and put it back. In such a way that it should look like in the following image.

Granja experiencia Minecraft

  • And, as you have seen, in these blocks we will have to put sticky pistons that we will have to connect with redstone . In addition, in front of each piston, we must place the stone or solid material that we have chosen as you can see in this image.
  • On the side where the stone sticks out and there are two drops of redstone. We will have to place the blocks in the way in which it appears in the following photo. Then, we will also place the repeater towards the side that is seen in the capture, a lever on the stone on the right and a redstone torch attached to the stone below. Next, add a single redstone on the ground to the bottom left of the repeater.

repetidor Minecraft

  • At this point, check that the mechanism works by pressing the lever. If everything works perfectly, we can continue with the process.
  • In front of each piston, we will have to put a block of sand. And, then two more on top of each piston.
  • From the right side of the farm, we will have to place six stone blocks upwards (just where the redstone line that we put earlier ends). Next, destroy blocks 1, 3, and 5. In those gaps, place a redstone torch.
  • Place seven blocks to the right of the farm (when looking at it from behind).

Granja experiencia Minecraft

  • Here, we are going to choose what kind of crops we want. In our case, we have chosen to grow cacti, sugar cane and bamboo. To do this, we must place two pistons in blocks 2 and 4 (if we want to place bamboo or sugar cane), two stone pistons in blocks 6 and 8 (remove the ones behind) for the cactus. The ones you’ve put the pistons on, you’ll need to join them with redstone.
  • Also, we will have to fill in the gaps between the sticky pistons that we had placed so that it can be as we see in this photograph:

Granja experiencia Minecraft

  • Now, it’s time to place the crystals. From the left side, we will have to place three blocks to the right. And, we will have to do the same, but putting them to the left. Next, you will join them with another row and put more blocks below so that it looks like in this image.

Granja experiencia Minecraft

  • As you may have noticed, you will have to fill the small pond that we have just created with water. But, we will have to increase the row of crystals two more blocks and join everything, creating a larger enclosure. We remove the first row and place the posters as follows. And make sure no water leaks anywhere.

Granja experiencia Minecraft

  • It’s time to place the chests. To do this, face the farm and place the first on the second sticky piston. Then place three more to the left. Next, place the funnels or hoppers in such a way that they meet the chests. To do this, press the down button twice to be able to crouch in Minecraft for Android or iPhone mobile .
  • It’s time to plant the crops on the sand that we placed above. Sugar cane or bamboo can go in the first two, and cactus in the next two.
  • Finally, we only have to clone what you are seeing in the following way.

Granja experiencia Minecraft

Now that we have the necessary machinery to generate cacti, sugar cane or bamboo, it is time to create the experience farm. We recommend that, although cane and bamboo are useful, do everything the same for the cactus. Basically, because you will need a lot of it to create the green dye experience farm .

To do this, we must recreate the following construction that you can see in the image that we leave you below. You will need three ovens, six hoppers and six chests. It is very important that you put coal in the three ovens and fill the chests above with cacti.

Granja experiencia Minecraft

In addition, you will have to let both the funnels below and the chests fill by themselves. If you fill them manually, it will not work for you. Also, the optimal thing will be that you remove only half of the amount that is burned in the oven to get more experience.

Why doesn’t it work for me?

As in other games, the tricks or ways to get experience more easily change depending on the versions that are released. So, if in your case it hasn’t worked for you, it means that the version you have has been updated and this method of leveling up faster no longer works.

But, if you are still looking for a method that will help you, we give you three tips to win levels in Minecraft :

  • Use creative mode to get experience jars.
  • Find a mobs spawner (spiders, zombies…) and whenever you want experience go and kill the enemies. To stop them from coming out, you just have to put torches on the block from which they spawn to ‘block’ their exit.
  • Cultivating all kinds of gardens and burning objects in the oven (potatoes, cacti, sand blocks, etc).