Create a temporary and disposable email with these 3 websites

We can have a temporary email account that we use only once or that you need to register on any website without giving your data, thus avoiding being sent spam or registering with your personal information to avoid dangers or risks to your privacy. For that, there are some websites that allow us to have a disposable email to use only once or twice and forget about it.

They are free websites and email addresses are deleted after a few hours, preventing a trace of what we have done or what for.

Create a temporary and disposable email with these 3 websites


One of the most useful is Yopmail because it allows us to choose the user we want, but we must bear in mind that anyone can access that email inbox and it is open to anyone if you have the same user. That is, you can write “aa” followed by the at sign and it will allow you to read all the emails in this tray that have been received in the last eight days.

The advantage is that we can customize it and we can use it for registrations on websites where we are only going to consult data and we are not going to give any personal information. It does not require a password and emails are deleted every eight days.



As its name suggests, this web page allows us to have an email that works only for ten minutes. Ten minutes of a temporary and disposable emasil that we can use for whatever we want in the time it takes to register on any website or in any application you need.

The web is easy to use because we only have to access the main page and we will automatically see a random address that you can use along with a counter that marks ten minutes at the beginning and that counts down until it reaches zero. But if we want to add ten more minutes, we will see a button that allows us to do so and that extends the time for ten more if necessary.

This website is completely free and we do not have to do anything. We do not have to register , we do not have to do anything except access the web and copy the email that has been assigned to us to use it in any necessary registration.



Another of the disposable email services that we can use is MailDrop. It allows you to create a temporary email in just a few seconds with the address you want, with the name you want. But with limitations because the service only allows us to have a maximum of ten messages stored in the inbox and it will also force us that the received emails do not occupy more than 100 KB. There will be limitations on the number of emails received and their weight.

Its use is simple and we simply have to go to its web page, open the corresponding box and fill in the data in the upper right corner. Once you have it, tap on “view inbox” and access your mailbox to see the emails. And if you don’t know what to put, the web gives us some suggestions about emails that we can create and that are safe and easy to use.