Want to change the home router? keep this in mind

The moment in which fiber optics is installed for the first time at home is quite important. At that moment the installer will ask us where we want the router to be installed, and this is something that we must think about very well before giving an answer. The router will be installed in a position in our house, and will do so for quite some time. But, is it possible for us to change the site router in our home ourselves ? We are going to answer this question.

There are many reasons to want to change the site router is our home. As we say, the installation occurs at a time and under circumstances that can change in our home (for example, we change the main television to another room in the house). It may also happen that the Wi-Fi signal from your router does not reach all the rooms of the house , something that especially happens in large houses or in those that have an elongated distribution.

Want to change the home router

It is possible to change the router…although not everywhere

The fiber optic installation in your home has two devices that, depending on your operator, may be joined together. We are referring, on the one hand, to the router and, on the other hand, to the ONT, which will be where the cable or hose of the optical rosette is connected . It is very important to point out that depending on whether we have one or two devices, we can make more or fewer movements.

In the event that we have the two computers separately, we will have many more options to move the router in our home. This is because the cable that goes from the ONT to the router is a completely normal Ethernet cable , and to install it we will only have to connect it to both devices. With this, we can place our router in the same room where we want, or even in another room if we buy a fairly long Ethernet cable and place it around our home.

On the other hand, if what we have at home is a router with the ONT incorporated, then we are going to have more problems. In this case, the only thing we can do is move the device as far as the fiber optic hose allows us , which is not usually too much, since these cables are usually very short. You have the option of buying a longer hose on your own to install it yourself, but it is an operation that we do not recommend. In this case, the most recommended option is to notify our operator so that they send us a technician, although this will cost us money.

If you have an ADSL service contracted at home , then you will also have it very easy to change the site router. The only thing you should have in the place where you are going to install it is a telephone outlet to connect the cable that goes directly to the router. It will be enough for you to take the router to the new room and connect it to the telephone outlet with an RJ11 cable to change the device’s location.

Alternatives to changing the site router

As we have explained above, there may be several reasons why you intend to move your home router from one location to another. If the main reason for moving the device is that the WiFi signal is not reaching the rest of your home, there are some alternatives that you can use to be able to correctly carry the signal to these rooms . To do this, all we have to do is get hold of a WiFi signal repeater, which comes in various types, models, and features on the market.

We have available devices such as PLCs, which will help us carry the Internet signal through the electric current. These devices are recommended above all for buildings whose electrical installations are more modern, since otherwise they can cause failures. If not, you can always get a mesh or mesh network that will allow you to extend your WiFi signal without having to depend on the electrical installation.