How to copy a Google Calendar event to another email account

There are many users who have multiple email accounts on your phone. So if you are one of those and use Google Calendar to organize yourself, you may also want to copy an event to two calendars. We teach you how to do it.

If you want to have an event on two of your calendars from different Google email accounts in your calendar app, you don’t need to create the event twice, three or as many as you need. It’s as simple as copying it to your other email account, without much more complication.

Copy a Google Calendar event

It’s very easy, you just have to open your calendar and click on the event you want to copy, as if you were going to see its information. Once inside the event we click on the button of the three points, which we will find in the upper right of the screen. Pressing will open certain options, including the option Copy to …

copiar evento google calendar

When you select the Copy to … option, a menu with our email accounts will open. We select where we want to copy it. Doing so will open the new event creation page but with all the data filled in just like the event we are copying. But we can finish doing the last touches like changing color if we use different color codes or similar.

Once we have left it to our liking we press Save. If we want to save the event in the same way that it was already in the other calendar we will only have to click on Save when the event modification page opens. Once this is done it will be done: we will have a copy of our event in our other email account.

copiar evento google calendar

From the Duplicate option we can also do it.

But if what we want is to share it in another email account of which we do not have the credentials on our mobile phone, either another account of ours or a partner account is done completely differently. We will have to share our event from Add guests from the event modification section when creating or modifying it.

We can also do it when copying, when the modification page opens we add guests and they will be viewing it from the email account to which we have copied the event.