How to cancel automatic payments in PayPal

If you are subscribed to any service with payments through PayPal and you want to cancel your services to be sure that no other payment is going to strain into your account, it is recommended that you take a look at the following steps to eliminate all existing permits and So avoid scares. Keep reading and we’ll tell you.

Automatic PayPal payments

Your PayPal account hides many secrets that you probably don’t know. Automatic payments are not limited to monthly or similar subscriptions that are periodically charged automatically. Automatic payments also include the permissions that give free access to applications to make payments quickly.

For example, if you make a payment in Cabify through PayPal, the application registers the payment method so that the next purchases (payment of the route in this case) are made immediately when you finish the trip. The same goes for all those applications in which you used PayPal as a payment method and allowed you to remember the credentials for subsequent purchases. So, have you stopped to think about which applications have access to your PayPal account?

Quiet, reviewing all those applications is very simple, so we will tell you exactly what you have to do to review them and delete those that no longer seem necessary. This is what you have to do:

  • Enter your PayPal account by accessing the official website.
  • Access the account settings by clicking on the gear icon and selecting Account Settings.

  • Once inside the configuration you will see a tab called “Payments”, click on it.

PayPal cancelar pagos

  • In the new menu you will see on screen you can select the option we are looking for: “Automatic payments”. Click on the “View” option within the option of Manage automatic payments.

PayPAl cancelar pagos automaticos

  • Now you can see all the services and applications to which you gave access to your PayPal account. Thus, you can review all and decide which to deny access.

PayPAl cancelar pagos automaticos

  • To do this you just have to select the desired one, and click on the “Cancel” option later.

PayPAl cancelar pagos automaticos

As you can see, having control of your PayPal account is quite simple, but it is very important to know these options to have maximum security and absolute control of access to your funds. Remember that you should not enter your credentials on websites other than the official PayPal, since all those applications and services that request it should take you to the official PayPal platform to register the login.