Connected Elliptical Bikes: the Best Models You Can Buy

One of the best devices with which to practice sports is a good elliptical bike . A sports product that is perfect for training at home. Although today the best thing you can do is bet on a connected product.

Today we are experiencing a technological revolution that allows us to enjoy all kinds of gadgets that were previously available to very few users. And there are more and more products with bluetooth or WiFi connectivity , so it is better to bet on a connected elliptical bike.

Connected Elliptical Bikes: the Best Models

Advantages of connected models

As we have indicated before, you can find ellipticals that offer WiFi or bluetooth connectivity. And the advantages that this functionality offers is a great value to consider. To begin with, you will be able to configure every last parameter of your elliptical bike through your mobile phone, making the whole process more comfortable.

To this must be added the fact that you will have full access to all your training records, so you will be able to see at all times how your last sessions have gone on your elliptical. And be careful, the more vitaminized models offer access to personal trainers and training programs so that you can use your mobile phone or tablet as a screen where you will see the exercises you must do.

As you may have seen, connected electric bicycles are an excellent option to consider, so do not hesitate when choosing a model of this type. Or better a treadmill?

Better an elliptical than a treadmill

Cinta de correr

The truth is that both machines offer their advantages and disadvantages, but in our opinion it is better to buy an elliptical bike for different servings. The most important? Protect your joints.

One of the big problems with treadmills is the impressive impact on the ankles and knees. While it is true that there are more and more models that offer a multi-layer system to avoid possible damage, an elliptical bike directly does not have this problem thanks to its particular design.

On the other hand, bicycles of this type allow you to pedal in both directions , so you can do the most varied workouts. And we cannot forget the particular aspect of an elliptical: the crossed movement. Thanks to that, you train both legs and arms, so you will improve the training compared to a treadmill.

In summary, although it is a fact that elliptical bicycles have their disadvantages, such as that the intensity level will not be the same as with a treadmill, the truth is that the advantages offered by this machine make it an excellent option to have. consider.

Recommended Models

Once we have seen the advantages of buying a connected elliptical bike with which to control every last parameter using your mobile phone, in addition to being a better option to take into account compared to a treadmill, we leave you with a compilation where you will find the best models to consider. Say that the price ranges are the most varied, so that you can find the model that best suits your needs.



First of all, we want to recommend you this BH Fitness CROSSHIIT G889 elliptical. We are talking about a very vitamin bike that will more than meet your expectations. It has an A + M2 resistance system so that the most demanding users can train at maximum performance.

Sportstech Premium

Sportstech Premium

Secondly, we have this model that will more than meet the expectations of the most demanding users. It features a three-piece crank system for smoother movement, plus 12 training programs.

BH Fitness Fdr20

BH Fitness Fdr20

Be careful with this model because it will surprise you. More than anything because its LCD screen of training computer equipped with the best HIIT training plans so that you can squeeze your possibilities to the fullest.

Finally, it should be noted that the foot platforms offer a length of 50 cm so that taller users have no problem when training.

CapitalSports Helix Star DR

CapitalSports Helix Star DR

We already anticipate that this manufacturer is one of the great references when buying a product of this type. A good example is the CapitalSports Helix Star DR bicycle , a model that offers a good number of features.

BH Fitness

BH Fitness

Another option to consider is this other elliptical bike from BH Fitness. A model with a screen so you can control every last parameter in a comfortable way.

Sportstech CX2

Bicicleta elíptica Sportstech CX2

Continuing with this compilation where you will find the best elliptical bikes that you can buy if you are looking for a connected model, you cannot miss this Sportstech CX2 . In this case we find a bicycle that will allow you to face other users in real time.

CapitalSports Helix Premium

bicicleta elíptica CapitalSports Helix Premium

We return to the firm CapitalSports to recommend their Helix Premium. This machine offers a computer that hides different training modes inside, along with support for the Kinomap application.

SportPlus SP-ET-9600-iE

SportPlus SP-ET-9600-iE

And what about this SportPlus SP-ET-9600-iE connected elliptical bike . For starters, it has 24 different training programs so you can find the one that best suits your abilities.

It also has a computer that hides all kinds of data about the training you are doing. And beware, it also has pulse sensors in the grips so that you have your heart rate monitored in real time.

Fitness Reality Ei7500XL

bicicleta elíptica Fitness Reality Ei7500XL

If you’re looking for a well-priced connected elliptical trainer, you can’t miss the Fitness Reality Ei7500XL. This particular model p sums up a design that makes the pedals stay only 15 cm from the ground so that you can get on and off very comfortably.

CapitalSports Helix Comfort

CapitalSports Helix Comfort

We close with this compilation where you will find the best elliptical bicycles you can find, with a model that boasts a surprising price. It offers 32 levels of resistance, is compatible with the Kinomap application and has a very compact design.