How to Configure Notifications on Xiaomi Mobiles with MIUI 12

With the arrival of MIUI 12 to Xiaomi phones, one of the main changes that we did not enter was located in the Xiaomi notifications . Until now, the customization layer of the Chinese firm had never been very easy to understand in the face of alerts, but with this version it gave an important blow to the table with the intention of making everything simpler and more practical.

These changes, however, can complicate us, to make it easier we still show you how you can configure notifications on Xiaomi mobiles with MIUI 12 . No more problems, confusion and difficulties, you can adapt the notifications to what you want, choose for yourself how they work and even the style they have on your mobile.

Configure notifications in Xiaomi step by step

To control the alerts on our mobile with MIUI 12 we must take many things into account, all in the same section. From the notifications we will be able to choose all the options to configure them to our liking. We just have to access Settings> Notifications and know the options that we show you.

configuración notificaciones miui 12

Sliding your finger we will come across all the applications and services of the mobile, with the possibility of marking and unmarking the notifications that we do not want to receive. Some of them cannot be deactivated as they are essential for the system to function. We can choose the way to see them, touching Show by …

Change the style of notifications in MIUI 12

The first great option that we find is to change the style of these notifications. Xiaomi is a pioneer in this, since it was one of the first to allow a change in aesthetics. This change can be carried out by entering the “Notification Bar”, where we can choose between the MIUI or Android style in the version of our smartphone.

estilo notificaciones xiaomi miui 12

This change is usually the solution to some problems with notifications in Xiaomi, since in some cases not all apps are well optimized to show the news in the style of MIUI and the layer does not solve the problem well.

Notifications on the lock screen

The next option that we find is in Notifications> Lock screen. Within this option we can choose the notifications that will appear on the MIUI 12 lock screen, without affecting the rest of the system. But we can also choose whether from the lock screen the notification bar can be lowered to perform quick actions or it is necessary to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone.

notificaciones pantalla bloqueo miui 12 xiaomi

Here we can also adapt the privacy of MIUI 12 notifications , because when entering the format we find the three different styles, which will allow us to have complete peace of mind when leaving the mobile on a table with onlookers around us:

  • Show notifications and content.
  • Show notifications but hide content.
  • Don’t show notifications on the lock screen.

Alerts on icons and floating notifications in MIUI 12

Another method that we have in our Xiaomi mobile to choose the way to notify us MIUI 12 is in the notifications by icons and floating notifications. These two modes allow us to choose which apps can show a small alert above the icon on the home screen or in the app drawer, the second is the one that shows bubbles on the screen while we use the mobile, showing the message we have received about other apps.

iconos notificaciones flotantes