You Can Now Activate Outbreak Mode in Cold War Zombies

We will have to wait until tomorrow to fully enter the new season 2 of Cold War and Warzone. With it will come new modes, weapons and the new battle pass, but if you win them you can and want to take a look as soon as possible, we leave you with a method that will help you explore the new Outbreak mode in which you will be attacked by waves of zombies.

How to Play Outbreak Before Time

 Activate Outbreak Mode in Cold War Zombies

The trick is quite simple, since the idea is to create a local game by selecting the Sprout game mode . For this, you must be disconnected from the internet, since this way you can choose the personalized map as if you were going to play in a local game. And of course, since the last update has included all the changes that will be applied officially tomorrow, we can select that mode to enter to test it immediately.

The steps that you must follow are the following:

  • Update Cold War to the latest version available. You will recognize the update when on the loading screen you immediately see the image of Naga, the new villain of season 2.
  • Once updated, disconnect from the internet and start the game. You will not be able to play online, but that is not what we are looking for.
  • Launch Cold War Zombies Mode

Modo brote zombies Cold War

  • Select change mode in the start game menu

Modo brote zombies Cold War

  • On the next screen you must choose the Outbreak mode, and when you do it, you will probably receive a message saying that it will force you to change the map (Outbreak mode is only played on 3 maps)

Modo brote zombies Cold War

  • In Change map you can select from one of the three maps available in Brote: Ruka, Alpine and Golova

Modo brote zombies Cold War

  • Select Start game and enjoy

You will play alone, but you will play

Modo brote zombies Cold War

Yes, you’re going to be playing completely alone on the Alpine, Ruka, and Golova maps, but hey, you’re going to get a taste of what it’s like to be chased by zombies on these oversized maps. To play with a friend or other people over the internet, you will have no choice but to wait for tomorrow, but at least you can now practice and get to know the best corners of each map.