Tricks for the Chromecast Remote Control with Google TV

The independence of the smartphone and the control of the Chromecast with Google TV are the two most important and remarkable aspects of the new new device for the Google TV. Therefore, if you have acquired one or are planning to do so, it is very likely that you are interested in knowing some tricks with which you can perform certain actions in a much faster and more efficient way.

Chromecast Remote Control

This is the new Chromecast with Google TV

The new Chromecast is a very attractive device, we already told you about it in our video analysis that you can see just above these lines. A very capable product with which you will be able to turn any television into smart or improve the capabilities that your old smart tv is no longer capable of offering.

In addition, with a form factor very similar to previous models, the main difference of the new Chromecast with Google TV is in the remote control that the device incorporates. Thanks to it, you will be able to move around the entire interface, access the different menus and options, as well as take advantage of features such as Google Assistant voice control. Because this remote also incorporates microphones so you can use the voice assistant.

However, the controller can do a series of additional actions much faster than you normally would if you had to go to the system setting or option navigating in a conventional way. So that’s what we’re going to show you.

Tricks to get more out of your Chromecast remote with Google TV

With a very small size, the remote control of the new Chromecast with Google TV is capable of much more than what you can see at first glance. It is not that you are going to perform actions that logically it has not been designed for, but it does offer some little secrets with which the experience improves. Especially if you have to access certain options.

If you have a new Chromecast with Google TV and you want to get the most out of it, improving and making its control much faster and more efficient, write down these tips and tricks.

Quick access to settings

Accessing the Chromecast settings with Google TV is not something we do on a recurring basis, but it is annoying having to do hundreds of laps until we exit what we are seeing, we scroll to the access icon to the settings, we enter and we look for the option we want to change.

Well, if you want to access the configuration settings more quickly, you just have to hold the start button for a couple of seconds . Once done, the configuration menu will automatically open and you can go to the appropriate section to change what you need or are interested in.

Access to the live guide

The live channel guide allows you to know what is being broadcast on each of them and that may be interesting to you, although many of us want this type of device not for this but to watch content on demand.

Even so, if you are one of those who uses the live channel guide on a recurring basis, to access it more quickly you just have to press the back button twice. This will show you a menu where you can select the Live option and see that aforementioned guide.

Access to everything previously seen

When you are watching some content on your Chromecast with Google TV and you want to go back to one of those previously seen, the best or most comfortable way to do it is to press the button below the wheel / control pad located at the top of the screen twice. I send.

When you do this, you will see that a history appears with all the content you have been viewing. Now you just have to scroll through the list and select the one you want to see.

Customize the YouTube button on the remote control

Many manufacturers are introducing default-configured buttons to their remote controls to perform a specific action. Moreover, they tend to differentiate them from the rest by showing the name or logo of, for example, the service they allow access to.

A very clear example of this is the Netflix button on many remote controls or the YouTube button on this one of the new Chromecast with Google TV. Despite this, this is the default action, but most of them allow you to change it by just going to the settings or, in this case, keeping the YouTube button pressed for a few seconds.

Once done, you will see that three actions appear on the screen so that you can choose which one you want to assign. It’s not that they are a lot and they may even be insufficient for what you really want, but it can also help you improve the experience a bit and that is always appreciated.

Customize Buttons

If your TV offers an HDMI-CEC connection, that is where you should connect the Chromecast, because thanks to that you can access the device with your TV remote and even control TV settings with the Chromecast remote.

Of course, the most interesting thing is that within Settings> Remote controls and Accessories> Remote button configuration you can set specific actions for any of the buttons on the remote control. This can be interesting to specifically control some devices that you may have connected.

Interact with YouTube

YouTube is one of Google’s star services or platforms, so it is logical that on a device like this Chromecast the options it offers are better thought out than in other products. In this case, if you want to interact with the videos you watch, all you have to do is press the button above the control pad .

This will open a menu or tab with different functions, one of them will give access to actions such as liking the video you are viewing or the opposite. It will also allow you to subscribe to the channel if you found it interesting and you don’t want to miss future videos, etc.

Sort apps on screen

If the order in which the applications installed on the screen appear does not convince you, here is the way to change it so that everything you use regularly is much more within reach.

To sort the apps on the Chromecast with Google TV, hover over any app and hold down the select button on the remote for one second. A menu will appear and you will only have to choose the Move option. From that moment, with the buttons on the crosshead, move the application icon wherever you want. Once done, press the center button again.

Remove apps quickly

In a Chromecast we usually install applications that give us access to video or music on demand services. It is not very common to resort to games, etc., but if by any chance it is the application that you have installed in it, if you want to remove it quickly you will only have to do the following:

  1. Find the app on your home screen
  2. Once on it, press and hold the central button of the remote control (on the control cross)
  3. Select View details
  4. Then choose the option to uninstall app
  5. Clever

As you can see, it is a simple way to access this menu that is not usually very common to use, but it never hurts to have it controlled.

How to replace the Chromecast remote

Finally, although the remote is the most attractive of this new version by avoiding having to walk around with our smartphone sending content or simply having it in hand, it is also possible to use your Android or iOS phone as a remote control.

This solution is ideal for those moments where you find the remote control or the little ones ignore you when you are telling them to lower the volume or stop watching whatever they are watching.

To use your phone as a remote control for the new Chromecast with Google TV, you just have to download the appropriate application for Android or iOS depending on the operating system used by your terminal.