Configure MIUI “Special Features” on Xiaomi mobiles

Having a good layer of personalization has its advantages, as is the case with Xiaomi phones with MIUI. More than anything, because we find software that has a large number of functionalities and options that make it one of the most complete layers that we can find today among Android phones.

Configure MIUI "Special Features" on Xiaomi mobiles

And not only this, but it offers us the possibility of having all kinds of configurations that will be at our fingertips at all times. For example, one of the sections that may go unnoticed among users, but that takes us a lot, is the Special functions section , in which we find different really interesting and useful settings that we will see below.

Where to find these functions?

As we said before, if we navigate between the settings of a Xiaomi mobile we can easily find all kinds of settings and customizations to make the device fit our needs. Among them, we find one of the sections in which we can have different configurations: Special functions .

funciones especiales de Xiaomi

Basically, it is a section that includes several options that are not framed in any other category or section within the settings of all Xiaomi mobile phones . In addition to that we can also find other settings or specific characteristics of each of the mobiles.

This means that, depending on both the version of MIUI that we have on our smartphone, and the model itself, the truth is that we will have more or less options once we enter this section. Therefore, if you do not have any of the following that we will detail, do not worry, since it will not be an error, but you do not have it available on your mobile device.

All you win

Therefore, if you want to discover each of the special functions that your Xiaomi phone has, you will have to go to Settings and look for this section at the bottom. Normally, it is usually just before the My and Google Account section, so accessing this section will be quick and, above all, simple.

Video tool

One of the functions that we will normally find in all the firm’s smartphones is the Video Toolbox . A drop-down menu that can be launched by simply sliding your finger from an edge while a video is playing, yes, this option must be enabled before we can use it. In addition, it has some options to quickly manage other elements, as well as shortcuts to applications, such as screen recording.

Likewise, from this same drop-down we can also modify the style of the screen colors , in addition to the audio and to be able to enable different improvements in the image with a mode that smooths the transitions. And not only this, but from these settings you can enable or remove this mode, as well as the fact of choosing from where the drop-down menu is displayed.

Enjoy Game Turbo

There is no doubt that today users play more than ever from their smartphones, which is why the Chinese firm began to introduce its Game Turbo mode years ago. And all in order to improve the user experience when playing. In addition to that it has become a very helpful tool for players.

Game turbo MIUI

More than anything, because with this functionality you can improve the experience when playing based on the improvement of the touch controls, as well as the sensitivity of the screen and the audio. We can even activate an option that helps us reduce the delay of the WiFi network. We can also change some other points such as contrast and saturation of colors when playing.

Xiaomi floating windows

Since the arrival of MIUI 12 , the Asian smartphone brand introduced the possibility of putting an application from a floating notification, that is, a function which opens a window with said app in miniature. Also, in this section there is no option or switch. That is, it is enabled by default and will only show us a small tutorial with images included in which it will explain how floating windows work. Something that will be very useful for those users who are not experts in the use of Xiaomi gestures.

The useful second space

Another of the functions that we will find will be the second space. One of those characteristics with which we can completely configure different profiles on the same smartphone to our liking. To do this, the steps that we must follow will be the following:

  • Access the settings.
  • Enter the Special functions section.
  • Once inside, click on Second space.
  • Give the option Activate the second space .

problema segundo espacio xiaomi

The simple way

The Lite mode is focused on elderly or visually impaired people , especially helping to have a larger size of all aspects of the mobile phone’s own interface. In order to carry out its activation, we will have to follow these steps:

  • Access your smartphone settings.
  • Scroll down and click on the Special functions section.
  • In this menu, click on Lite mode.
  • Activate it by clicking on Activate lite mode .

modo lite xiaomi

Measure your heart rate

Some smartphones from the Asian firm, such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, have a heart rate sensor located in the fingerprint sensor itself. This means that it is capable of measuring heart rate. This extra functionality will appear within this section that we are seeing. So in order to activate and use this function we will have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter Settings.
  • Access the Special functions section.
  • When you are inside, click on Heart rate .
  • Next, click on the Start button and grant the permissions.
  • Then, you will have to place your finger on the location of the fingerprint sensor and hold it for a few seconds.

Quickly answers

It is a little known way to respond to notifications, but quick responses will save us a lot of time. It is a feature that will work with different applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram, among others.

To activate it we will have to go to the Special functions section and click on Quick responses . In addition, we must select those apps that we want to have operational with this tool. And when a notification arrives, we will have the option to respond through predefined messages.