Cleanmgr +, Alternative to CCleaner to Clean and Optimize Windows

In these times when most of today’s PCs work with Windows, doing a good maintenance of that operating system will never hurt. We say this because there are many own data and applications that depend on all this, something for which programs like Cleanmgr + can help us.

Over the years this is a system that has not stopped growing and evolving, so its complexity is increasing. The same happens with the number of users and therefore equipment configurations that use it, so its compatibility must be consistent. There are several problems that we can find with the different versions of Windows , but we can also use certain measures to avoid a good part of these.


On many occasions we find functions integrated into the operating system itself that help us in these tasks. But in the same way we can use third-party solutions that will be of great help in these maintenance work, as is the case that concerns us here. Specifically, we will talk about a software that has been around for a while and that has some interesting functions for all this. We are referring to Cleanmgr +, a software solution that will be very interesting for you when it comes to keeping Windows up and running.

Advantages of using Cleanmgr + on Windows PC

The first thing we are going to tell you is that Cleanmgr + is the new, more modern and advanced version of Cleanmgr . Actually this is a program that focuses on improving the functioning of Windows by eliminating unnecessary or unwanted elements . With this type of action what we really achieve is, in addition to saving space on the disk drives, avoiding future problems in the system. This is because with the passage of time and use, this is an operating system that, along with the installed applications, accumulates many junk files.

Interfaz principal Cleanmgr+

To say that we are facing a completely free software solution that has all the features of the original Cleanmgr, and some additional ones. One of its main characteristics is that to get the most out of the program and its functionality , it uses a simple and easy to understand interface. We will also tell you that it is recommended that we run it as an administrator. This is because the tool stops and restarts some Windows services that require administrator permissions.

Cleanmgr + interface features

It is also a portable application, so it does not require any installation on the system. Thus, once we have started it, we will be able to select the types of files we want to clean . This, as we mentioned, will help us to improve the operation of Windows and save disk space. Of course, we must be somewhat careful with what we eliminate from here, since it could be irrecoverable.

For all this, in the main interface of the program we find a series of categories that are a description of the elements to be cleaned. In this way, when we click on any of the elements listed here, we will also see a broader description. Therefore, it makes it clear to us what types of files we have to eliminate with this specific option.

Descripción categorías

At the same time, in the upper part of the main interface of the program we will be able to see the free space that we have in the system unit .

Other elements to delete and clean with Cleanmgr +

At the same time, something that we must bear in mind is that in addition to the default options that the program presents in the first instance, we can also clean others. And if we look at the top of the main window, we will see a section that is represented by the + sign. Thus, in the event that we click on it, we will see all the options that Cleanmgr + offers in addition to the default ones.

Say that in the aforementioned tab + we find options to clean such as the cache files of the Chrome browser, Firefox, or Vivaldi Cache. We can also clean the useless Windows Defender files, Windows downloads, etc.

opciones adicionales Cleanmgr+

Therefore, as in the previous section, here we only have to mark the options that we want to get rid of the exposed ones. Thus, once we have finished selecting all of them, we can start the program as such. For this we have the button called Cleanup that is located on the left side of the window. In this way and in a simple and fast way, we can get rid of everything that is considered unnecessary and that is stored in our disk drives .

Alternatives to Cleanmgr +

  • BleachBit: this is a powerful open source alternative that is arguably one of the best known of its kind. We can also use it to clean and optimize Windows, a totally free program capable of detecting all the junk files of the most popular programs and the same operating system . It is compatible with the Winapp2.ini libraries and allows adding support for more than 2500 programs. We can test all this from this link .
  • Wise Disk Cleaner: on the other hand we find Wise Disk Cleaner, another similar alternative to clean and improve Windows. It is another totally free proposal that allows you to clean and optimize your computer very quickly and easily. To do this, it is enough that we delete all unnecessary files from the PC safely and automatically from here. To download this specific program, we can do it from this link .

How to download the Cleanmgr + program, free

Well, once we have told you about everything that this application can do for us, it is time to try it first hand. First of all we will tell you that it is a software solution at no cost. This means that we can take advantage of all its virtues without having to pay a single euro. Thus, to download and run Cleanmgr + directly in Windows, we can do it from here .